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  1. 2ndGenBrewer

    Question regarding bulk aging

    My 2 cents on bulk aging is to go with a airlock. After dozens of batches and bottle bombs after bottling something a year after aging. I'd say better safe then sorry.
  2. 2ndGenBrewer

    Clearing in the primary

    I did a batch of Bochet with that exact yeast myself two years ago. As far as I remember it clarified real quick (3-4 weeks). I let it sit till my hydrometer read .997 and then racked. I think this yeast is a bottom fermenter, and when I use it it works real quick. If you used nutrient I...
  3. 2ndGenBrewer

    Quantity limit?

    I found this first one on google and it says no. http://beerutopia.com/2008/04/17/is-home-brewing-legal-in-your-state/ But, this is one sites state laws and give more info. You can always go to your state governement site and look up the law...
  4. 2ndGenBrewer

    Planning a cyser

    I've had some good experiences using beer yeast with honey. Nottingham or safale 05 both work great and leave a ABV aroung 9-10%. The batch I did was a vanilla methegyn, not a cyser, but after bulk aging for 9+ months it turned out smooth with little to no alcohol bite. No yeasty beer flavor...
  5. 2ndGenBrewer

    Fastest primary fermentations?

    Keep us posted. I'm interested to learn if rhubarb can be used to speed up primary fermentation.
  6. 2ndGenBrewer

    blackberry wine, and wine in general

    I know I maybe a bit biased (being a mead maker) but if you do NEED to add fermentables you may consider adding a little bit of honey. The sugars in honey are 100% fermentable and even in small amount the honey compliments the blackberries very well.
  7. 2ndGenBrewer

    Pear wine

    For future batches you may want to consider freezing them whole and thawing before you brew with them. The freezing breaks the cell walls and allow the most flavor and juices to come out.
  8. 2ndGenBrewer

    Potential dangers?

    Lol! I love this thread. ... almost wish my lady would shy away from my brew. I have her and most of her friends lining up to drink what I make. Gotta hide some bottles so I get some. On the serious side. Revvy is right. Using modern techniques beer and wine production is safer then cooking...
  9. 2ndGenBrewer

    Ready to bottle?

    Well... The longer you can wait the better. When I stated mead I was always eager to bottle as soon as it clarified. I had melomels that were crystall clear at bottling that later showed a solid layer of sediment. Basically, the longer your can wait to bottle it the better. Even after it has...
  10. 2ndGenBrewer

    Whoa... that was FAST! (Question from a first-timer)

    As far as clearing goes, the nutrients in the fruit can cause the fast clearing. Whenever I do a batch with black berries or raspberries they drop clear within a week of reaching .997. I've been told this was the enzymes/nutrients in the fruit that caused them to clear fast. Also, last year I...
  11. 2ndGenBrewer

    Pear Wine - Larger Batch

    Well EC-1118 is a strong yeast and will ferment pretty dry. I wouldn't recommend it if you want to preserve the pear flavor (71B-1122 or Montrachet work much better). As far as how much will fit in your fermenter... it depends on whether you are going to add then whole or juice them. When I've...
  12. 2ndGenBrewer

    most drinkable carlo rossi??

    Yea the Merlot was probably the most "drinkable". I fed most of it to my alcoholic mother-in-law though. LOL. It was in the fridge for almost a month before that...
  13. 2ndGenBrewer

    Makeshift Racking

    Are there any hardware stores in your part of the world? I use clear heat resistant PVC tubing and it works great. No after taste.
  14. 2ndGenBrewer

    Question on 100 Gallon Limit

    +1 I agree. 200 gallons of alcohol is actually a staggering amount for 1 year. Unless you are throwing keggers daily or trying to sell, normal consumption should be covered under that amount. Also, IMHO, there is a burden of evidence when it comes to the amount produced in a year. If I...
  15. 2ndGenBrewer

    hops and mead

    I can chime in on the affects of aging hops with meads. I did a Elderflower/Saaz metheglin about 1 1/2 years ago and opened a bottle the other day. The Saaz taste and aroma still came through strong and complemented the Elderflower excellently. When I did my batch I simmered the Elderflower...
  16. 2ndGenBrewer

    Easy Recipe anyone?

    Simple. Just add honey, water, and yeast!... As a guideline use 3-4 lbs of honey per gallon, use water to top UPTO a total like 1,2,3, or 5 gallons, choose a solid yeast like Lavins EC-1118 or 71B-1122, and maybe pick up a small bottle of yeast nutrient like Fement K and use as directed. Let it...
  17. 2ndGenBrewer

    caramel sundae mead questions

    Another suggestion for a good carmel flavor would be to carmelize some of the honey like you would do in a Bochet. Not burn it, but work it to go a nice dark carmel brown. I did a batch of carmel apple last year carmelizing the honey then adding apples. Turned out great!
  18. 2ndGenBrewer

    Sweet Mead

    It depends on what you're going for. If you want it to to be 18+% (using EC118 for example) you would add honey to about 1.100, let it ferment dry, then add 3-4 lbs at a time (till its sweet enough), let sit for a few weeks to make sure it doesn't start fermenting again, then bulk age...
  19. 2ndGenBrewer

    Fruit Trade

    So, I looked up the policies and FedEx/UPS will only ship of you are a licensed dealer and agree to there terms. USPS will not ship alcohol at all :(... It look like we are stuck to swapping fruit for honey. LOL! (not that its bad!). So same trade as last year? I get paid in a week or so. Not...
  20. 2ndGenBrewer

    Fruit Trade

    Im interested in doing this again. If it was legal id send ya a bottle from last year. Lol! I could send some of that Ambrosia honey again if you like?