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  1. krazydave

    California 6 gal plastic carboys

    Used for one batch of beer. Moving and trying to reduce the amount of equipment I have. Located in Valencia, CA - $10ea OBO
  2. krazydave

    Weevil \ Saw tooth grain beetle infestation. Anyone ever experienced this?

    So, this is mostly my fault, but I had a sack of grain that I knew had some bugs in it. I separated that sack from the rest of my stored grain so that I could finish fermenting some stuff in my chest freezer and throw the sack in there for a few days to kill them off. I've done that previously...
  3. krazydave

    I need some advice from refrigeration experts on chest freezer repair

    I'm now purchasing my third chest freezer (new) as my previous two that I bought used are now exhibiting the same behavior after a couple years of use. Basically, they run, but the longer they run, the less they actually chill. They do okay at keeping a temp generally, but they can't bring...
  4. krazydave

    Any way to rescue a beer before it turns into a brett bomb?

    Not really a beginner question, but I wasn't sure where else to put this. I also couldn't find much info by searching. So I made a huge RIS - 1.147 OG 1.010 FG @ 18.5% ABV Tons of maple syrup, sugars, and especially work went into making this beer. I received an 8 gallon bourbon barrel from...
  5. krazydave

    California Two Perlick 525SS faucets

    __SOLD__ I'm piecing together parts to upgrade my kegerator from four taps to eight and bought these for $40 a piece plus shipping. However, the day after buying them I found some used ones with shanks, tailpieces, etc. for less and bought those also. Since I'm unemployed, I have to save...
  6. krazydave

    Perlick 525ss and 575ss creamer faucets

    Putting out a feeler here... I'm in the process of upgrading from a four tap kegerator to an eight tap but am having some serious difficulty finding more 525ss faucets to match the ones I already have. So, that being considered, I'm interested to see if anyone would be interested in buying four...
  7. krazydave

    California Free sanke kegs - Santa Clarita

    I have a Pyramid keg and a rubber coated Miller keg, both 15.5gal. The Pyramid keg is pretty dented at the bottom They've been taking up space in my garage for too long and I can't really ever see me having a use for them at this point. I could probably throw them on Craigslist, but I'd rather...
  8. krazydave

    Tehachapi Cheers to Charity event this weekend

    I know it's short notice and a little off the beaten path, but the Cheers to Charity event in Tehachapi this Saturday has a tasters choice homebrew competition where a bunch of us homebrewers are serving our beers to benefit some good local charities. We have 15 homebrew kegs confirmed at this...
  9. krazydave

    Nitro\Beergas tank pressure?

    Question for those of you using Beergas in your setup. What is the highest pressure you'll see from a tank of beergas? The reason I ask is because I have an extra co2 primary regulator that I was thinking of converting to Nitro\beergas, but the max inlet psi on it is 2600psi. I'm guessing...
  10. krazydave

    What do you use for RO water storage?

    My dilemma is this: I have a bad tendency of turning on my RO filter to fill some sparkletts jugs and forgetting about it. Sometimes overnight! This of course means I get the joy of waking up to water covering my garage floor and running down my driveway and then the eventual words from the...
  11. krazydave

    FT: California - my two 5 gal glass carboys for your 6+gal glass carboy

    Bought two to use as secondaries, but I've only used one once in the past 5 years. Local to Santa Clarita, CA would be preferred as I don't want to ship glass...
  12. krazydave

    California 15.5 gal rubber coated Miller sankey for sale/trade

    Had this thing sitting in my garage since the start of my home brewing days. Located in Santa Clarita. At this point, I've determined that I really have no good use for it, so I'm looking to trade for something else. 6.5gal+ carboy? Corny keg? Small fridge? Make me an offer?
  13. krazydave

    WLP500 Huge under attenuation problem

    So I made 10 gal of the Dragonmead final absolution belgian trippel clone I found on HBT, split the batch to two carboys and pitched WLP500 (trappist ale) in one and WLP530 (Abbey ale) in the other. About a month went by, both carboys happily fermenting away at 68 degrees. I checked the...
  14. krazydave

    Auber SYL-2362 and Honeywell valve problem

    So, I just finished my NG direct-fired RIMS system which incorporates Auber SYL-2362 PID's to control Honeywell VR8200 NG valves. First, I was having an issue with the relay not closing enough to actually send voltage to my valve all the time, even though it would indicate that the relay was...
  15. krazydave

    Another stand is born

    Well, sorta. After months of talking about it, designing, making wiring diagrams, etc. I'm finally getting underway at actually building my single tier. Picked up my steel yesterday and got to welding today. All in all, I'd say it was a fairly productive day of welding, which is rare...
  16. krazydave

    Stand thoughts?

    Slowly but surely I'm getting to the point of a Brutus 10 type system and I'm at the point where I need to get my stand design finalized and get the materials to weld it together. This stand design is a little different than most as I already have three Blichmann Top-Tier burners that I'm...
  17. krazydave

    Help me scrutinize my control panel wiring diagram

    Working on building a NG fired brutus 10 type system and am just getting around to working on a wiring diagram for my control panel. The system will have three Honeywell VR8200 valves, two controlled by Auber SYL-2362 PID's. The boil kettle will be controlled via a switch on the control panel...
  18. krazydave

    Is it just me, or do hop spiders just suck?

    I built a stainless hop spider a few months back and have used it on maybe 6 batches so far. Honestly, it's driven me to the point where I just ordered a jaybird false bottom for my BK to do away with it and just use loose hops Every brew I do with it, the thing gets so clogged with all the...
  19. krazydave

    How many gas valves can a doorbell transformer safely operate?

    I'm working on acquiring all of the parts for my brutus build and picked up a tri-voltage doorbell transformer from Home Depot to control the gas valves. I will also be using it to power some 22mm LED indicator lights on my control panel. The question is, can one of these transformers safely...
  20. krazydave

    For those of you using RO filters

    I recently just added an RO filter to my arsenal... Now I know that with my standard carbon filter that I have been using and now use for tap water when diluting, I have always removed the filter and let it dry out after a brew day to keep anything from growing on it. Do you dry out your RO...