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  1. excaptn

    K127 flared nylon washer replacement

    I am converting a low profile tap to accept quick disconnects. My issue is I lost 1 of the flared nylon washers, does anyone know where to get a replacement. Ie lowes, Home Depot... I don't know if linking to a different forum is permitted but this is what I am working on...
  2. excaptn

    Brewstand For Sale! (pump not included)

    Is the stand sold?
  3. excaptn

    WTB:The Brewers Association's Guide to Starting Your Own Brewery

    Any one purchase this book and no longer have a need for it?
  4. excaptn

    HomeBrewTalk 2012 Big Giveaway

    Please, please, please
  5. excaptn

    Brutus 10 Style All Grain Brew Stand Frame

    Thanks I can't read.
  6. excaptn

    Brutus 10 Style All Grain Brew Stand Frame

    are the burners included?
  7. excaptn

    Homebrew Club on Long Island and Queens

    Work strikes again. Will not make this months meeting, of you could please post the date and time meeting for Feb. It would be greatly appreciated.
  8. excaptn

    Homebrew Club on Long Island and Queens

    Monday night, I will also be there!
  9. excaptn

    Homebrew Club on Long Island and Queens

    I am looking forward to meeting everyone on Monday. What time does it start and who should I ask for. Does this group/club have a name or web site?
  10. excaptn

    Homebrew Club on Long Island and Queens

    Is there still a group meeting at black forest?
  11. excaptn

    Homebrewtalk Carboy Cleaner Giveaway

    My 2.5 year old daughter needs a carboy cleaner because her tiny hands and arms are soon not going to fit into the carboy.
  12. excaptn

    hot sauce

    I knew I could count on hbt, thank you
  13. excaptn

    hot sauce

    If I can make beer, I should be able to make anything right? Last year my jalapeno plant yielded about 40-peppers, so this year I planted another jalapeno and a habanero plant in hopes to make my own hot sauce. Anyone have any luck with doing this?
  14. excaptn

    Carboy/ Keg Cleaner Giveaway

    I am in.
  15. excaptn

    Playoffs NHL or NBA

    this should probably be moved to the debate forum because the Caps suck!
  16. excaptn

    Keeping steady fermentation temps.

    I have a ceramic heat lamp inside my fridge it's all hooked up two a 2 stage ranco. Works like a charm.
  17. excaptn

    First All Grain Batch Questions

    From the little bit I know you should measure the amount that you get from your first runnings, subtract that from your pre-boil volume if you are doing a double batch then yes divide the amount needed by 2. I use http://www.brew365.com/mash_sparge_water_calculator.php for mash temps. G'luck...