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  1. videoman

    In Contempt of Extract

    LET THERE BE NO 'HATE' WITH BEER!!! I love beer making; enjoyed my extract experiences, but like others have said...AG is more control and it is, I believe, a better product in the end. Nothing more fun than researching a style, creating a recipe, and executing via AG method... total control...
  2. videoman

    Chill haze in an extract batch???

    Normal... not sure how long you left it in primary/secondary, etc... but longevity certainly helps cure chill haze along with the addition of irish moss during the last 15 minutes of the boil. Finally, put your beer in the fridge and let it cool down for a week before drinking will also help...
  3. videoman

    white floaties?

    You didn't happen to use gelatin for fining did you? I can get white floaties from that....
  4. videoman

    Sam Adams

    I know I'm showing my age here, but when Sam Adams was introduced (in the 80's I believe) it WAS microbrew... at the time there was really no such thing, certainly not that I was aware of here in Maine. I may have had my head too deep in my Budweiser can, but I don't remember hearing the term...
  5. videoman

    How to add hops/straining

    Short answer... you dump the hops right into your boil at the specified times. Now, there are different schools of thought... some folks do not strain their wort and put everything into primary. Others (like myself) do filter out the trub and hops from the boil kettle... for me, it's the first...