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  1. jjw5015

    Pennsylvania New 8 Gal Stainless Pot w/ ball valve

    I acquired this pot with a tiny pinhole thinking I would fix it someday and use it, but thats not going to happen. It's brand new with markings to 7 gals, but would easily hold 8 gallons of water. Would be good for strike water. I found it on the target website for $166. Given its condition I...
  2. jjw5015

    5 gal water jugs

    Just started getting RO water from the store and the empty jugs are all kinds of moldy smelling after using them. I made sure it dried out and got sun. It looks clean but im hesitant to refill it with water again and brew with it. How do you all keep these things sanitary?
  3. jjw5015

    Roeselare question

    So I brewed a flanders red with roeselare a few weeks ago. This is my first time using this yeast and just wanted to see how to proceed. How long should I wait to transfer to secondary? My plan is to add cabernet soaked oak chips and some sour dregs, just trying to plot out my timeline.
  4. jjw5015

    kegerator/tap question

    I just got this kegerator up and running: http://www.compactappliance.com/Nostalgia-Electrics-Kegerator-Beer-Fridge-Black/KRS-2100.html I had access to a free two tap tower that I wanted to fit onto it. After getting all lines hooked up and about to install the tower, I noticed that the...
  5. jjw5015

    60 min boil necessary for IPA?

    So I'm making an ipa and am trying a few things differently. I am going to use first wort hops for my bittering and every other addition is going to be with 5 mins or less. Is there any reason to boil for more than 15 minutes other than to get to my usual volume? Sent from my iPhone using Home...
  6. jjw5015

    Belgian IPA dry hopping question

    Just finished brewing this and wanted to see what dry hopping recommendations you all had. I have nugget, warrior, Columbus, citra, and cascade in my inventory. Recipe Specifications -------------------------- Boil Size: 7.67 gal Post Boil Volume: 6.25 gal Batch Size (fermenter): 5.00 gal...
  7. jjw5015

    Name for March 15th brew

    I'm brewing up a Belgian IPA tomorrow and want to give it a name pertaining to Julius Caesar, given the date. What say you? My ideas: Ides of March IPA Et Tu Brute Belgian Backstabber Belgian
  8. jjw5015

    Water report question

    This is the most recent water report I could find for my town. Water is the next phase of my process I want to focus on. Could somebody please translate this for me and give any suggestions I might need. I make mostly IPA or pale beers. thx in advance...
  9. jjw5015

    ISO: Heady, Pliny, Enjoy By, west coast IPA's

    FT: Victory, Ithaca, Troeg's, anything from PA you would like
  10. jjw5015

    First time yeast starter question

    So when Mr. Malty recommends a certain size yeast starter, is that assuming a constant OG of 1.040 for the starter? i.e. If I make a 1L starter at 1.040 and realize I need 2L, then more fermentables need to be added along with top off water when it gets diluted? Or will they multiply enough to...
  11. jjw5015

    IPA Fruit additions

    I basically only brew IPA's, but SWMBO would like something with a hint of fruit. I plan on making a DFH Aprihop clone at some point, but for now I'm just using the hops I have on hand. Here's the recipe I'm planning on. Any fruit suggestions are welcomed. 5 Gallon Batch Grain Bill 11#...
  12. jjw5015

    Heady topper

    I've been reading a lot about this from Alchemist in Vermont. Just wondering how far they distribute. I'm in the northwest suburbs of Philly.
  13. jjw5015

    Secondary fermentation/dry hopping

    I recently tried secondary fermentation and dry hopping for the first time. From what I even reading, it seems like secondary fermentation should go for 2 weeks. My problem is I dry hopped right away. I think two weeks will be too much dry hopping. Should I sacrifice a week of secondary and...