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  1. maltman

    Kettle soured Gose - primary fermentation not starting?

    Hi all, Just brewed a gose which I kettle soured using grain. No problems with the souring process. After I soured the wort, I boiled for 30 min and added hops per my recipe. My plan was to then finish off the beer in my fermentor with 1056 yeast. I made a starter which fermented nicely but...
  2. maltman

    Allaghsh yeast ranching

    I was considering harvesting the dregs from a bottle of Allagash Tripple for my next brew but then remembered that some breweries use a different yeast to bottle condition than the yeast used for fermentation. Does anyone know if Allagash uses the same yeast to ferment and bottle condition...
  3. maltman

    Poll on batch sparging

    For all the batch spargers out there, I have a quick question. Once you drain your 1st runnings and add you sparge water, how long do you let the mash sit before draining?
  4. maltman

    How are you celebrating the 500th anniversary of Reinheitsgebot?

    Reinheitsgebot, the German beer purity law was enacted 500 years ago tomorrow (4/23/1516)! http://reinheitsgebot.de/en/home/ What are you doing to celebrate? I won't be brewing unfortunately, but I do plan to work on my new brew stand build!
  5. maltman

    pre-boil wort contamination?

    This weekend I made a hefe-weizen over a 2-day period. Conducted the mash and lautered on Saturday. Collected the runnings into my boil kettle and set it aside for boiling on Sunday. I have done this before and it has worked out for me in the past when time is short. When I came home on...
  6. maltman

    verdigris in counterflow chiller?

    Ok, maybe this is a little paraniod, but I'm a little worried about verdigris formation inside my cf chiller? I fear I would have no way of knowing if it's present on the inside of the copper tubing which of course is where the wort comes in contact with the copper). Anyone have any ides if...
  7. maltman

    help! terrible off flavor in my lager

    Help! Not sure what to do here. I've had good sucess with lagers in the past but something is off with my most recent creation. There is a terrible aftertaste to this beer. I can best describe it as soapy or plastic-like on the back of the tongue/roof of the mouth. vital stats brew...
  8. maltman

    how long to lager with WLP 820?

    I brewed an o-fest back in early October and racked into a secondary around 10/15/12. Prior to transfer I did a d-rest for about 36 hours at about 66 degrees F (ferment temp was about 56 deg F). Its been at 36-ish since 10/17 and still had a noticeable diacetyl flavor/slickness. I figured...
  9. maltman

    Enough time for a Belgian Golden Strong?

    I was planning on brewing a belgian golden strong ale this weekend (10/9/11). However, I'm not sure on the time needed for conditioning (target OG is ~1.080). This beer is intended for Thanksgiving which is just over 6 weeks away. Any thoughts on whether this is enough time to condition...