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    Arizona Monster Mill 2-2.0 with gear driven motor and extended hopper

    This is essentially the same as the current MM-2Pro model. It has hardened steel rollers that are 2" in diameter. 6061 Aluminum frame and bronze bushings. The 3/4HP 1750rpm motor transfers the power through a 10:1 90 degree gear reduction and drives the mill at 175rpm. The extended hopper holds...
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    For Sale Compact glycol chiller

    This is a used beverage line glycol chiller for remote mounted beer taps (rated for 25' line run in insulated trunk line). Can also be used to chill homebrewing fermemters (with light modification to the internal pump or add your own pump with temp controller) for perfect temperature control...
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    For Sale Beer Faucets and Tower

    I have the following beer faucets for sale: Brand new, never used, still in packaging: (3) Perlick 630ss - $30/each (1 SOLD, 2 LEFT) (1) Stout faucet - $50 Used but in good condition: (4) Perlick 630ss - $25 each I also have a 8-tap double pedestal, air cooled stainless draft tower available...
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    Stainless D-Style Sanke Couplers

    I've got 12 of these in stainless. They are Keg King Brand part# 6196. Brand new and never used. $25 each. If you buy a couple I'll ship for free. Located in Tucson, AZ. paypal or venmo is fine. Of course in person cash pickup also works! Pictured in the original box with all the original hardware.
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    Arizona (2) 120' Micromatic Jockey Box coils

    They are double coiled and have 100' of 3/8" stainless and 20' of 1/4" stainless. The bulkheads need to be replaced. These have been sitting on my shelf for a couple years now and I'm not going to get around to using them. Pretty good shape. Just need to push a little line cleaner through them...
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    Crypto Stuff

    Anyone here mine crypto or play around with such things? Been interesting to watch certain coins go up and down. Wish I would have kept some BTC I had a month ago. More than anything I'm curious where things will go in the future and what "coins" will take the lead.
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    Photobbucket has [email protected]#$ed up forums

    Across the internet. Since they changed their 3rd party hosting I have noticed how many people, myself included, have used photobucket to host images. Wow. /end rant
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    Arizona 1hp CIP Pump

    I have a CIP pump for sale. I used it twice and then rinsed it with fresh water and dried it out. I decided that I didn't want to go this route for CIP. Pump works great. It is the "old" model that is all black. I've had it since late last year but it has been stored for the last 6-months. This...
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    120/240vac Switchable elements

    I have been brewing on a 30-amp control panel with 5500w elements for a few years now. It works great! One thing that I would like to do is to shorten my brew day a bit. A bit part of the start is heating water. I usually brew 1/2bbl batches so that is quite a bit of water. Since I only have...
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    Arizona Southern AZ - (4) 3/4" Tri-clamp Ball Valves

    Lightly used, kept clean. Good gaskets and teflon washers. 1/1.5" compatible tri-clamp flanges, 3/4" bore. From Stout Tanks. $25 each or $90 for all 4. Price includes shipping. Will accept paypal.
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    Reverse Flow Build

    So awhile back I picked up a 4' long piece of 24" pipe. So, naturally, I fired up CAD and started making a smoker! I love the indirect heat idea so I went with the reverse flow concept. I cut the door with a cutoff wheel. When the top was done, but the door was not complete, I welded on the...
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    Wanted: Sweet Baby Jesus

    Ft: SW regionals. Stuff that we get in az. Really want a bottle or two of this for the label. Also sounds like a decent beer .
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    Arizona Arduino Uno

    I've got some of these for sale. Was going to go this route for a brewpi setup and then changed my mind... $10 each including shipping or knock off a buck for each additional. So 3 UNOs would be $28. I have 4 of these for sale right now. They all have USB cords with them. Will take payment...
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    Took a trip on a jet plane

    And came back with this haul. What's the best you have checked on an airplane?
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    Arizona Regulators, scales, temp control, Beer Gun

    Will accept paypal for all purchases. Willing to bundle and shave a few bucks off. Oxygen Regulator - Victor D250-80-540 - $75 + ship CGA-540 Connection, HD regulator FOXX Supply Co2 Primary Regulator - SOLD AWS Blade Scale - $15 Shipped Proscale LC-300 - $10 Shipped...
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    When do you stop...

    Collecting brewing gear??? I'm up to 3 dual body co2 regulators, 2 single body co2 regulators and a nitro regulator. Obviously I need the one nitro regulator. But is that too many co2 regulators? I sold a couple single body ones a few months ago because I thought I might have too many. :tank:
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    Electrician Panel Inspection

    So I built my panel a while back with the intention to use it as a commercial pilot system in the future. My understanding is that it would need to pass inspection from the building inspector to meet that need. What sort of documentation would I need from a licensed electrician to show the...
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    Arizona DIY Pump mounts for your brewstand

    I've got a few extra pump mounts that I had made up for a brewstand build. They are 14 ga 304 stainless and laser cut. They are matched to the bottom mounting plate of march and chugger pumps. Same size and dimensions. I've got a handful of them. $10 each shipped. I prefer google wallet but will...
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    BrewPi "Modules"

    I was wondering if anyone has figured out what size project box fits the brewpi hardware (uno, 2-4 channel relay board, 20x4 LCD) cleanly and compact. My vision was to have something that looked like a black box but with a brewpi module in it that I could add to a fermenter, keezer, and such as...
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    Cooling an air cooled tower

    So I am building a 8-tap bar with remote cold storage and glycol cooled trunk line. I have a 8-tap air-cooled tower that I am going to use. I was originally going to build it right on my keezer and just push cold air from the keezer through the tower. So now I am looking at putting a small...