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  1. Trevor Mack

    New York Pico Brew $250

    This appears to be a S/Pro model with the small ball lock kegs.
  2. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Picobrew Zymatic for Sale (NoVA)

    Is this a duplicate? Virginia - Picobrew Zymatic for Sale
  3. Trevor Mack

    Virginia Picobrew Zymatic for Sale

    Buyer beware that the parent company, Picobrew, is out of business (went through receivership). The equipment is still great for what it is, but with the company out of business there are a number of things you need to do yourself (maintenance and all debugging, the Zymatic forum/topic is great...
  4. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Ss Brewtech Chronical BME 7g Chicagoland area

    I'd take it if I were in or around the Chitown area unfortunately can't make the 15 HR drive worth it lol.
  5. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Kansas City Area Home Brewing Equipment For Sale

    Would recommend changing title to be more reflective of what this "equipment lot" is. Mostly calling out the SS Brewtech Chronical and kegs.
  6. Trevor Mack

    For Sale Kansas City Area Home Brewing Equipment For Sale

    If you were closer I'd take the whole lot off your hands easily. Good price I'm sure someone will see it.
  7. Trevor Mack

    In MA: SSbrewtech 14 Gallon Chronical Stainless Steel Fermenter w/Upgrades - $400

    If this was the 7g I would totally swing for it. Great deal with all the included accessories.
  8. Trevor Mack

    Massachusetts Selling everything, all grain supplies, kegs

    You still looking to sell? The tip of the post is a bit confusing in that regard. > REVISED: CURRENTLY NOT LOOKING TO PART OUT. (Will separate kegging stuff if someone is interested in all kegging equipment)
  9. Trevor Mack

    Massachusetts Full SPIKE ELECTRIC SYSTEM - 15 Gallon

    If only I had the space and electrical hook ups I'd take this in a heartbeat. Interesting to hear more as time passes on the "upgrade" 🤣
  10. Trevor Mack

    Picobrew Zymatic(New in box)

    The auction contained zero Z units not even partially assembled. Guessing they are packaged up on the "semi" awaiting to be sold to a potential "business partner". There were plenty of unassembled and scattered Z Step Filters, Z Screens and Hop Cages though in large quantities (ie. pallet of...
  11. Trevor Mack

    Picobrew Zymatic(New in box)

    Is this a bundled price or per unit price? Also guessing you are in Seattle / Washington area and got these via the recent auction?
  12. Trevor Mack

    Picobrew Z For Sale

    A bunch of us in the community are hacking around to find a definite future where these don't all get bricked on us. Most common pattern so far is to redirect www.picobrew.com traffic to a local server setup.
  13. Trevor Mack

    Grainfather For Sale

    What size /model Grainfather is this?
  14. Trevor Mack

    Pico Pro for sale

    Upgrading to a Grainfather was a good choice. Enjoy the rabbit hole you are adventuring further down. 🍻
  15. Trevor Mack

    New York Like New - Spike CF5 Conical Fermenter

    Bummer I had a neighbor drive down to NYC (well really Jersey... but just a bit further and it could be NYC). I'll evaluate if this makes sense as an upgrade for me as I've spent a bunch this year already. The CF5 does look like a beast of a machine and with the glycol chiller I already have...