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  1. Dr Vorlauf

    Massive infection problem

    Do you completly disassemble the spigot on the bottling bucket? I do not just mean unscrewing and seperating the spigot from the bucket. You can pull the piece that controls the flop out of the rest of the assembly. If you don't pull this apart , clean and sanitize you are almost guranteed...
  2. Dr Vorlauf

    storing star san in a corney

    Corny kegs were designed specificaly to hold dilue solutions of phosphoric acid. Read the label of a Coke or Pepsi and look at the ingredients.
  3. Dr Vorlauf

    Which burner stand for keggle

    I am looking to upgrade to the SQ14 but I see they have change the design. The new design appears to have the burner 4" or more from the bottom of the pot !! Anyone ever modify the new SQ 14 to raise the burner? I would like to avoid any unnecessary equipment mods.
  4. Dr Vorlauf

    ring in carboy

    If this is mineral scale mechanical cleaning will be difficult at best and will eventually ruin a better bottle. For scale you need a concentrated acid. Since vinegar dosent work you need more horsepower. If you have access to HCl or phosphoric acid you can dilute as needed. No need for...
  5. Dr Vorlauf

    Scored a free keg, couple of questions

    After the top is cut rinse well. Fill with water and add 3 scoops of oxyclean. Boil 1 hour shut off burner and let it set for a few days.
  6. Dr Vorlauf

    Free stir plate!!

    Make sure to bring him a few brews and mention that the stir plate really helped. Then mention that you are having a problem measuring your mash pH ( you aren't going for pH papers here ). Ask him if there is a piece of equipment that would help.... I got a pH meter that measures to the...
  7. Dr Vorlauf

    Free stir plate!!

    Nice score. I have one that is a combination hot plate / stirrer. It rocks.
  8. Dr Vorlauf

    Unbreakable Hydrometer

    Thet do make plastic hydrometers.I used one 10 yrs ago in the lab. You need to check scientific supply houses. Make sure to get the correct scale.
  9. Dr Vorlauf

    Oxyclean Free no longer available?

    I like Clorox Oxy Magic. I think it has alot more percarbonate that Oxy Clean.
  10. Dr Vorlauf

    Sanitizing/Cleaning my new Oxynator

    +1 boiling works the best. Even though I thoroughly clean the stone after use you still get some old wort coming off the stone while boiling/ sanitizing.
  11. Dr Vorlauf

    WARNING! for Ultimate Brewery Cleaner users

    Someone left out the metasilicate on that batch and might have added something else instead. No metasilicate = corrosion. But it still shouldnt have been that bad. Did they possibly mix it up with salt instead of metasilicate?
  12. Dr Vorlauf

    Ok, I'm not just being paranoid about infections...

    +1. Mixing up the sanitation regiment is always a good idea. I do this every 3 - 4 brews just to F up the microbes and wild yeasts. After a thorough cleaning - Bleach water + a little distilled vinegar to bring the pH down to neutral. Let it sit for awhile then rinse really well. After...
  13. Dr Vorlauf

    The Exploding Carboy Club...

    It is a good thing you weren't hurt. How much of a mess did the iodophore make ? I had a glass carboy break just from the weight of the beer it contained sloshing around. I only use glass now for wine. Better bottles are just ... better.
  14. Dr Vorlauf

    anyone here use Ecolab products?

    Ecolab makes some heavy duty cleaners so be careful. Many are build on sodium/potassium hydroxide.
  15. Dr Vorlauf

    what type of oxyclean

    I just switched from Oxymagic by Clorox to Oxyclean Versatile Free. Both work great but I have some observations: 1) I think that Oxymagic contains quite a bit more percarbonate than the Oxyclean. This is what you are paying $ for not the fillers. 2) Oxyclean Versatile Free contains a...
  16. Dr Vorlauf

    What Sanitisers and Cleaners are used.

    You defiantly will see a big boost in performance. With percarbonate there is a pH, temp and time performance ratio. Higher the pH more O2 bleaching in a shorter time, same with temp. Of course if you let it sit long enough it will do its magic all by itself, but the combo of soda ash will...
  17. Dr Vorlauf

    What Sanitisers and Cleaners are used.

    I would use soda ash ( dont buy this from an online chemistry store ), go to Walmart or some other big box store and buy pH up ( for raising the pH of pool water and verify that it is sodium carbonate ( will list in small print on label)). This is the easy way to get cheap soda ash. For home...
  18. Dr Vorlauf

    What Sanitisers and Cleaners are used.

    You can buy it here: http://www.chemistrystore.com/search.cgi?keywords=percarbonate&Click+to+Search2.x=0&Click+to+Search2.y=0 The "fillers" that you mention are actually alkaline builders that you need to get the proper pH for the percarbonate to work properly. I did some testing 20 years ago...
  19. Dr Vorlauf

    Possible Infection Advice

    I like to change my sanitizers periodically as it messes up wild yeast and bacteria big time. I used bleach plus vinegar then really rinse well. I follow that up with Star San and no rinse, basically no worries after that,,
  20. Dr Vorlauf

    $161 5 cu. ft. chest freezer

    Wow a 1949 is better than a new frig? Good deal.