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  1. half_whit

    Midwest kit question: No bittering hops?

    Hey folks. I just picked up a kit from Midwest for a hazy coconut ipa, but something seems off. It's a full 60 minute boil, but their recipe (If Im reading it correctly) only calls for hop additions at 7 and 10 minutes. I've never done a beer that didnt have SOMETHING at 60 minutes for bittering...
  2. half_whit

    Hop pellet particles in keg

    In retrospect: -I've always dry hopped with leaf, not pellet. Should have stuck with that -I should have cold crashed before kegging. -I should strained somehow while kegging, but the muslin bag over the cane idea really let me down last time I tried it I tested the carbonation on the beer...
  3. half_whit

    First time starter question

    I've always been the more of the RDWHAHB brewer. I've always used single vial WL yeast and I've always (with one unrelated exception) ended up with a drinkable beer. I decided to pay a little more attention to my yeast count starting with this next brew as it has an OG of 1.07. "He who increases...
  4. half_whit

    Scraping off krausen during fermentation?

    Hey folks. I recently upgraded some of my brewing rig, including a new propane burner, and it's taking a little getting used to. The thing is practically a jet engine, so I was a little worried about boiling off too much. I over-compensated by leaving the lid mostly on the kettle (causing 3...
  5. half_whit

    Old hops

    Hey folks! Man, I haven't been on here in quite some time. Hardly had time to brew this past year, what with work and getting married and such. My friend that I grow hops with was kind enough to harvest and dry out second year plants in the fall. I just got them from him, frozen....in...
  6. half_whit

    Time to Improvise!

    Today was the first day I've had time or money in about 3 or 4 months to brew. Also, it was my first batch since switching to all-grain that I NAILED my target OG. Color me a happy camper. Save for one thing: The LHBS was completely out of lactose. There was no way I was missing this chance...
  7. half_whit

    Hop Union problems

    Has anyone else had issues with Hop Union's hops lately? The last bag of EKG whole hops I got from them had an unsettling amount of stems and leaves. Nobody likes to have to pick stems and leaves! :fro:
  8. half_whit

    What are some things you've built to help your brewing process?

    Money's been tight lately, so I had to take a little time off from actually brewing. To keep me sane I've been building some things to make life easier, most recently a hop spider. Brewers can be pretty crafty fellows, so I was wondering what else you all have built/invented/rigged up to make...
  9. half_whit

    Need help coming up with a recipe

    I planted 3 plants this year and was pleasantly surprised by my results in spite of everyone saying first year hops don't produce much. I'd like to brew something using only the hops I grew as a sort of harvest celebration beer. I realize the outcome is going to be a total crap shoot, since I...
  10. half_whit

    Is the yeast to blame?

    I. Am so. Effing. Frustrated. 3rd Batch in a row that tastes like this. Probably around $150, 15 gallons, and 4 months of total frustration. My beers keep getting these horrible fruity esters. First suspect, maybe my gear wasn't cleaned properly. Cleaned the crap out of everything. Second...
  11. half_whit

    Picking a fridge

    Hey, could someone with a pin-lock setup tell me the minimum height necessary for the inside of my keg fridge? A friend of mine has a fridge that may work, but it'll be snug!
  12. half_whit

    Popping the question

    The actual act of proposing doesn't scare me at all. In fact, considering who it involves, it makes total sense to me. Today I attended a family party where she found out the sex of her sister's up and coming (a girl). Since her dad also only had girls, he turned to me and said "Well Whit, looks...
  13. half_whit

    Can someone check my water profile?

    Hey guys! Recently switched to all-grain and I've become more concerned with the water I've been using. My area's profile is online here: http://www.yorkwater.com/quality.pdf but frankly, I have no idea what I'm looking at!
  14. half_whit

    Advice on large-scale growing

    I have a friend who lives in the "country" of Pennsylvania and built his blacksmith shop on a hill. We decided to give growing a shot this year and after doing things wrong and not researching enough, the experiment has been surprisingly successful! We grew in an open field on a hill and had our...
  15. half_whit

    Help! Pliny Emergency!

    I live in Pennsylvania, the dark part of the map where the Elder dare not venture, save for some rumored place in Pittsburgh. My lady went on a road trip across country recently with one item on her shopping list for moi. She brought back some fanTAStic beers. Sadly, everywhere she went the name...
  16. half_whit

    Heat stress

    I have a nut brown ale in primary that used safale 05 and was subjected to bad heat stress. Should I bottle after complete fermentation and "get it over with" so to speak or is there hope of these off flavors settling after a long secondary?
  17. half_whit

    Oh the weather outside is....hot

    Hey dudes, The lady and I are finally settling into our new apartment. We dont have a lot of the amenities we used to have...like free central A/C. So that sucks. I kicked off with a batch of bitter (my first all grain. i realized that since I like smaller beers, I can keep doing my "partial...
  18. half_whit

    Wish me luck!

    I just applied for an assistant brewer position at a local craft brewery... Probably the first and last time I'll ever write a cover letter that says "I appreciate good beer." So yeah...wish me luck!
  19. half_whit

    Should I be concerned?

    ...or is someone just jerkin me around? Yesterday, for the second time, I noticed a playing card under my windshield wiper. When I google searched it, I found people getting all freaked out about Aces of Spades...but neither of these cards were. Honestly, I don't even remember what they were. I...
  20. half_whit

    Road Trip = Beer Trip!

    Hey folks The lady o' mine is taking a road trip with her friend cross country from PA, down to Alabama and then out toward's LA. She said "I'll miss you!" to which I immediately replied "I'm giving you a shopping list. Oh... and I'll miss you too!" So my question is this: What are some...