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    Arizona Monster Mill 2-2.0 with gear driven motor and extended hopper

    This is essentially the same as the current MM-2Pro model. It has hardened steel rollers that are 2" in diameter. 6061 Aluminum frame and bronze bushings. The 3/4HP 1750rpm motor transfers the power through a 10:1 90 degree gear reduction and drives the mill at 175rpm. The extended hopper holds...
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    For Sale Beer Faucets and Tower

    All of the faucets are sold. Tower is still available.
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    For Sale Beer Faucets and Tower

    (2) used 630 sold. (2) remaining
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    For Sale Compact glycol chiller

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    For Sale Compact glycol chiller

    I'm happy to ship it on your dime. :D Most of the commercial line chillers are nice units. Hard to come by for a reasonable price though.
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    Stainless D-Style Sanke Couplers

    Here you go.
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    Stainless D-Style Sanke Couplers

    This would make the keg connection but you still need beer and co2 lines plus some kind of faucet to dispense. I happen to have some perlick 630ss for sale as well in a different thread that would cover the faucet. I'll open one up and put it together. The beer/gas lines are in their original...
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    For Sale Compact glycol chiller

    This is a used beverage line glycol chiller for remote mounted beer taps (rated for 25' line run in insulated trunk line). Can also be used to chill homebrewing fermemters (with light modification to the internal pump or add your own pump with temp controller) for perfect temperature control...
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    For Sale Beer Faucets and Tower

    I have the following beer faucets for sale: Brand new, never used, still in packaging: (3) Perlick 630ss - $30/each (1 SOLD, 2 LEFT) (1) Stout faucet - $50 Used but in good condition: (4) Perlick 630ss - $25 each I also have a 8-tap double pedestal, air cooled stainless draft tower available...
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    Stainless D-Style Sanke Couplers

    I've got 12 of these in stainless. They are Keg King Brand part# 6196. Brand new and never used. $25 each. If you buy a couple I'll ship for free. Located in Tucson, AZ. paypal or venmo is fine. Of course in person cash pickup also works! Pictured in the original box with all the original hardware.
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    Arizona (2) 120' Micromatic Jockey Box coils

    They are double coiled and have 100' of 3/8" stainless and 20' of 1/4" stainless. The bulkheads need to be replaced. These have been sitting on my shelf for a couple years now and I'm not going to get around to using them. Pretty good shape. Just need to push a little line cleaner through them...
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    Constant recirculation in mash vs other

    I have a 1/2bbl eherms system. I heat the HLT to mash temperatures (3ºF above my desired mash to account for heat loss during recirc) and I add all my crushed grain to the MLT. I heat the strike water in the BK and then underlet that into the MLT. I usually get my strike within a degree or two...
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    RO Systems

    Its only 4 years old... :D
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    Krausen falling into beer, how to avoid?

    So WHERE did you read that? The provenance of that statement matters.
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    Random Picture Thread

    Zoll ePCR!!! Love it. That looks all too familiar...
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    What thermometer for smoker?

    I agree! I've been using my maverick and now a inkbird for keeping track of temps when it matters. Ribs and chicken get the simple treatment but briskets and pork butts get the thermometer.
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    2 x 2 16 gauge - OK for 15+ gallons?

    Nice work. Is it great? NOPE! But it will do fine for you. And you learned a bit along the way. Welding and fabrication is a skillset and a talent. Good for you for keeping up with it and finishing the welding. Now hurry up and brew some beer!
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    2 x 2 16 gauge - OK for 15+ gallons?

    If you lay that plate on the square tube and weld the bottom side that you can't see from the top then you have a flat area to bolt the pump. All I was saying is that when you weld stainless to mild you lose the stainless nature in the weld area. But that isn't a real concern since it isn't in...
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    2 x 2 16 gauge - OK for 15+ gallons?

    On a pump mount like that you could still weld it from the bottom with your fluxcore. It wouldn't be stainless right in the weld zone but that would be okay.
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    Leftover Inventory - Blichmann, Coldbreak and more

    Why did you delete my questions from this thread? They were applicable to the subject of this discussion topic.