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  1. ardentfrost

    Georgia 10 gallon all-grain full brewing system, and a sankey keg

    Here's the CL posting http://atlanta.craigslist.org/atl/for/4881749167.html The 10 gallon system is the one I used for a few years before moving into a small condo. It includes a 6.5g HLT, 10g MLT, 15.5g BK, propane burner, and immersion chiller. The pot I used as an HLT is also big enough...
  2. ardentfrost

    Georgia Fermenters and Kegs in Atlanta

    Another round of me clearing out my storage unit. This time I have some fermenters, a 15.5 gallon Sankey that just needs to top removed, three ball lock kegs, and a 4-way air manifold. Here's the CL posting with all the pictures and prices. The only thing I'm willing to ship this time is the...
  3. ardentfrost

    Georgia Ranco Single-Stage Temp Controller - $30

    This is a Ranco ETC-111000 Single-Stage temperature controller. It ran my own Keezer for a few years before I moved and had to tear it all down. Very simple to use, and mountable with just a couple screws. I'm willing to ship it as long as you pay the extra. Otherwise I'm in Midtown Atlanta.
  4. ardentfrost

    Georgia Never used March Pump, Therminator, JC Temp Controller...

    A couple years ago I kinda took a different direction in life, and I don't think I'll ever have the space again to do anything bigger than small scale brewing. So, I'm clearing out my storage unit. You can view the items on my CL post here...
  5. ardentfrost

    Georgia Nearly Finished Fermenting Chamber plus materials needed to complete - $150

    I posted this on CL, so I'll link to that which has a picture. Short story long, I never finished my fermenting chamber, and am now moving and will end up just storing it if I can't sell it. Despite the picture in the CL posting, most of the insulation is in, so you'd need to just finish that...
  6. ardentfrost

    Batch sparging + heat sticks

    I'm thinking about making a couple heat sticks and I was wondering what kind of limitations I'm going to have on their use. I know just heating up water is easy, but let's say I miss my temp mark in my MLT by a degree or two. Can I stick one in there to bring it up a bit? My MLT is a water...
  7. ardentfrost

    Those 5 gallon water jugs

    What's the deal with those 5 gallon water jugs that you can buy at the grocery store or Home Depot for $13 ($5 for a refill)? They look very similar to a better bottle, but I've never seen pics of anyone using them as secondaries. $5 in water plus an $8 secondary sounds like a good deal, but I...
  8. ardentfrost

    Starter without malt extract

    Doing my first AG beer in a couple days. As such, I forgot to buy some malt extract for a starter :( So, what do I do? I need to make the starter tonight at minimum. Can I just use table sugar? If so, 1/2c sugar to 2c water as in DME? Alternatively, I have two bags of priming sugar...
  9. ardentfrost


    This weekend I'm doing my first full boil, which I'm happy about. However, in the past I aerated the liquid in the fermenter through a few different methods combined, including splashing the wort from the brew pot into the fermenter, shaking up any water additions prior to adding it, and shaking...
  10. ardentfrost

    Made my mash tun this evening...

    I have a brass valve and a stainless mesh, as well as a new copper immersion chiller. I'm guessing I need to clean it somehow before using it. Maybe some sort of water and distilled vinegar mixture? Oxyclean perhaps? Just regular unscented detergent?