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  1. itsme6582

    Why So Quiet

    There seems to be so much less discussion on here than I remember. When I look for new posts, threads don't seem to have a lot of action. Is it the time of year? Is the hobby slowing down? Is it because we're in an election year? Millennials have moved on to something cooler than a forum?
  2. itsme6582

    RIMs Tube: Estimated Brewhouse Efficiency

    In 2 weeks, I will brew my first batch in 4 years. I'm looking for input on where I should estimate my brewhouse efficiency. I'm brewing a 5 gallon batch and targeting 5% ABV. I will using a RIMs tube and fly sparging. My grain will be pre-milled from Austin Homebrew Supply. I'd rather...
  3. itsme6582

    Commercial Examples for Hops Profiling

    I'm trying to learn my hops and reading about them isn't cutting it. Does anyone have a chart or a link with info on commercial beers that feature a single hop?
  4. itsme6582

    Finding Mead: Western PA and NE Ohio

    I'm too busy to brew and it's driving me nuts. I think making a mead would help fill the void without the time commitment. I've never made mead before. In fact, I've never even tasted it. I need suggestions on meads to taste. I'm in Cleveland during the week and spend my weekends north of...
  5. itsme6582

    Female Cam Locks

    Has anyone used a B-type camlock with a hose clamp? I'm afraid there aren't enough threads to hold tubing. I know there has been some griping about the C-type (barb) camlock. The barb is too small. I also saw Bobby M's video about using a B-type (male thread) with a street elbow and using...
  6. itsme6582

    How to Burn a Large Folder to a DVD

    I am trying to find some burning software to burn about 60 GB of music to dvds. Any suggestions on software that can make this easy for me?
  7. itsme6582

    We need no stinkin... aquarium chiller?

    I found an article today on Hackaday about building a chiller to keep a fishtank's temp down. An aquarium chiller was too expensive so the builder used pc water cooling system instead. The tank needs to be kept below 75 degrees. This chiller reportedly keeps a 6 gallon fish tank at 65...
  8. itsme6582

    Of Mice and Men: Wireless TVs and Wireless Bluray Players

    So I just spent a half hour trying to connect my parent's $1000 brand new tv to their wireless network only to find that they'll need to buy an $80 usb adapter to do this. My Bluray player at home hooks right up to my network. I think I spent about $100 on it. Can anyone explain to me why a...
  9. itsme6582

    Samsung Galaxy Tab Wifi

    Anyone out there with a Galaxy Tab care to chime in on your experience? I'm looking at getting the wifi only version and I want to hear the good and the bad.
  10. itsme6582

    Cheap Igloo Coolers: Cleveland

    My plan this summer was to do a little brew in a bag. That is, until this afternoon when I walked into Marc's and found these for $18.88. They are about 5 at the Marc's at W 140th and Lorain. I don't know about the other stores in town. These are 50 qt coolers. There is no spigot on the...
  11. itsme6582

    Recipe Design: Hops

    It seems that there isn't really a consistent AA number for hops. It could vary depending on the vendor or the time of year. Depending on your hop schedule these differences will potentially make a big difference in the final product. How do you work your recipe around this? Do you adjust...
  12. itsme6582

    Linux... A year later

    I'm going back to Windows and here is why... Just over a year ago I had a laptop crap out on me. The thing was less then 2 years old and, of course, out of warranty. I swore off laptops. Off I went to build a PC. Along the way I decided this would be a good chance to give Linux a real...
  13. itsme6582

    Feels Like the First Time - Amber Ale

    I'm looking for some guidance. This is my first attempt at a recipe. The recipe is partially inspired by Bell's Amber and Fat Tire. However, I'm really not trying to replicate either. My goal here is mainly to keep my recipe but to put it out there in case it needs some tweaking. Am I...
  14. itsme6582

    Fully Automated Brew Rig

    This popped up on Hackaday.com. It's a fully automated BIAB system. 1. Grain is milled 2. Hops are portioned 3. Set it (via Brewtarget) and forget it Automated Brew Rig The first 7 minutes of this video are devoted to explaining the system. At 7:41 he starts a brew and shows all of the...
  15. itsme6582

    Looking for a Sanke in Cleveland

    I'm looking for a non-questionable acquisition of a keg in Cleveland. I'm trying to avoid the keg for a deposit method. Has anyone had luck with Great Lakes or another brewery around with getting a decommissioned keg? What about one of the distributors?
  16. itsme6582

    On the phone...

    Sarah: The doctor said I can't get Lasik because my bottom is too big. Me: ............. ............. (can't hold it any longer - laughing hysterically) Sarah: Why are you laughing? Me: You can't have eye surgery because your butt is too big?!
  17. itsme6582

    Irish Red Steam Beer

    I got a Brewer's Best Irish Red extract kit for Christmas. I brewed an Irish Ale from MoreBeer back in early December. I want to change it up a bit so I decided that I want to make this a Steam Beer. The kit is designed for a 2.5 gallon partial boil. OG: 1.048-1.052 IBUs: 19-23 Color: Medium...
  18. itsme6582

    Irish Red Steam Beer

    I got a Brewer's Best Irish Red extract kit for Christmas. I brewed an Irish Ale from MoreBeer back in early December. I want to change it up a bit so I decided that I want to make this a Steam Beer. The kit is designed for a 2.5 gallon partial boil. Extracts: 6.6 lbs Light LME...
  19. itsme6582

    Propane Burner

    I'm working on stepping up to a keggle with a propane burner. I must have read 20 threads on burners and I've narrowed it down to either the SP10 or the SQ14. They're at the same price point but there are differences between the two. The SP10 has a higher heat rating but doesn't fit a keg as...
  20. itsme6582

    DIY Temp Controller

    I came across this through Hackaday.com. This guy, Mike, built a temp controller to convert a chest freezer into a fridge. I thought this could prove to be useful for someone. He sells kits and completed models (which seem pretty pricey). If you scroll down the page he has everything needed...