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  1. Ravenshead

    BrewPi MatMill Lauterhexe

    Has anybody else used this. It works great and for the price I see them as a good alternative to a false bottom. Kind of a premium braid or bazooka setup. https://store.brewpi.com/featured/brewpi-matmill-lauterhexe-kit
  2. Ravenshead

    Here's an interesting failure mode for a temp controller

    I'm using a brand new Auber DSPR1 as a PWM for my brew pot with a 40 A SSR. It seems to work fine as long as I keep the duty cycle below about 60%. Above 60% the SSR appears to latch in the on position until I completely remove power from the system for a minute or two and then works normally...
  3. Ravenshead

    Old Regulators

    The good news: I found some old CO2 regulators on CL for cheap. The bad news: they're both leaking out the weep hole. Does anyone know if the standard corny refurb kits will work on these old regulators?
  4. Ravenshead

    I'm Pretty sure I screwed my first decoction mash up

    I had a few issues with my first decoction pils today. The plan was to mash at 122 for 35 minutes and then decoct 2 gallons for a 10 min boil followed by 45 more minutes at 155. A 10 minute mash out at 168 would have followed. Everything went well until after the decoction. After returning...
  5. Ravenshead

    MArch Pump model AC-2CP-MD

    Will this pump take wort temps? I can't tell from the website. If so there's a few on e-bay for 80-ish and free shipping. http://www.marchpump.com/ac-2cp-md/
  6. Ravenshead

    Manual Mode for a Mypin TA PID

    This may be posted but I can't find it. I just received an Mypin TA4 -SNR PID and the associated SSR and thermocouple. I know how to use it for strike water and mash temp based on the temp, but how do I control the duty cycle during the boil? I see something call manual mode for other PIDs...
  7. Ravenshead

    Desparate Hail-Mary-leaping-catch crazy attempt to save a belgian strong

    I have a Belgian strong that stopped at 1020. I tried raising the temp, adding notty and even EC-1116 to no avail. Eventually I got tired of waiting and kegged and forced carbonated it. After choking down about a gallon and a half, I really can't take the sweetness. I just gently racked it...
  8. Ravenshead

    An itty bitty baby barleywine

    That became a monster. I had the last of few pounds of a bag of two-row and some time this weekend so I decided to make a 1 gallon batch of Barleywine just for fun. Here's the recipe: 6# two row .75 oz EKG @ 60 .50 oz EKG @15 Mashed at 155 I was trying BIAB for the first time so I...
  9. Ravenshead

    Partial Electric Using a Variable Transformer

    I'm looking to save on propane by adding a 1500W-ish 120 V water heater element to my keggle. I plan to use it to maintain my boil once I reach it with my propane burner. I have a 0-140V 10A variable transformer I can use to control power. Is 1500W enough to maintain a 7 gal or even 13 gal...
  10. Ravenshead

    Slow YLP 570 Ferment

    I made a Belgian Strong 11 days ago. The OG was 1068 at pitch (4.5 gal of wart with a 1 gal starter). I kept the water in my swamp cooler around 62 F for two days. On the third day I added 1.75 lbs of cane sugar dissolved in water. I kept it at 62 F for another four days and then gradually...
  11. Ravenshead

    Portion of my wort acting like a starter

    Here's the story: I brewed a porter with an OG in the mid to high 60s. I wound up up with just under 7 gallons instead of the expected 5.5. There's a long story about how that happened but it doesn't really matter, suffice to say I have more wort than one carboy can hold. I put about 6...
  12. Ravenshead

    What to do with and old Coffee Maker?

    We just bought a new coffee maker. The old one still works pretty well. Any uses for a coffee maker in brewing before I throw it out?
  13. Ravenshead

    Did I get a Lager yeast by mistake?

    I pitched a yeast I harvested from a bottle of Rogue Shakespeare Stout at around 2:00 yesterday. Last night I thought it looked a little strange, almost like a lager yeast ferment just below the surface. This morning I have a bit of a krausen but it still looks like most of the yeast is below...
  14. Ravenshead

    MLT for 2.5 gal experiments

    Okay, my pipeline is in pretty good shape for now so I'd like to experiment on some brews I'm not familiar with. In fact, I've never even tasted a commercial version of the brews in question --pumpkin ale and saison. As such, I'd like to do a couple 2.5-ish experimental batches. I'm worried that...
  15. Ravenshead

    Finally got my efficiency fixed

    After a year of efficiencies consistently in the low 60s, I redesigned my MLT manifold. The old one drew from one side and also left about about a gallon of dead space. I redesigned it to sit flatter on the bottom and draw from the middle. I just brewed my first batch with it and got 83% on a...
  16. Ravenshead

    Kraeusen for Cider?

    I haven't seen this before: https://cdn.homebrewtalk.com/gallery/data/500/medium/IMG_00374.JPG It's a five day old pure juice ferment that's been kept at around 65 F or less. The yeast started as a batch of washed US-05. The US-05 started slow so I added a pack of notty on day two...
  17. Ravenshead

    1st Batch Sparge, Did I do this Right?

    For background, I have about 15 AG brews under my belt. I fly sparged all of them and had a pretty consistent efficiency of 62-65%. This weekend I tried batch sparging just to see what happened. Here was my process: 1. Mashed with 15.5 qts (1.25 qts/lb) at 155 F for 60 min. 2. Added...
  18. Ravenshead

    Good beers to try in Maryland?

    I'm headed to Green belt Maryland next week. I haven't been in the area since before I became a certified beer snob. Any suggestions?
  19. Ravenshead

    Every time I think I'm done being a Noob...

    ..something comes up. I've got a batch of porter that's been stuck a about 1028 for three weeks now. Here's the recipe: Batch Size: 5.00 gal Boil Size: 6.82 gal Estimated OG: 1.064 SG Estimated Color: 33.8 SRM Estimated IBU: 28.9 IBU Brewhouse Efficiency: 62.00 % Boil Time: 60 Minutes...
  20. Ravenshead

    Back sweetening with Lactose

    I'm sure this information is out there some where but I'm in a hurry-I need to bottle tonight. I've got 2.5 gallons of cider made out of Tree Top and WLP Cider yeast and nothing else. It's fermented dry to 1.00. It still tastes like apples but I would like to sweeten it a little bit. I...