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  1. jkmcd3

    Texas Brewstand / Kettles / Fermenters / Chiller

    I recently bought a Unibrau system. Looking to sell my gravity fed brew stand, with 10" Banjo Burners and a high-pressure regulator and my BK, MLT, and HTL. The kettles were converted from Kegs and have Blichmann thermometer, 3-piece SS ball valve w/dip tube, site glass and a thermowell. The MLT...
  2. jkmcd3

    Multiple STC-1000 Controllers

    Hey Everybody, I know that there are tons of STC-1000 wiring how-to threads out there, however I have a couple of specific questions around wiring up multiple, 2 in my case STC-1000s. Below is a wiring diagram that I put together. I am not an EE, or even an electrician for that matter, so...
  3. jkmcd3

    Creating a Recipe and Developing a Beer Palate

    What's Up Everybody, So I have been brewing for a while now (almost 7 years). I started all grain brewing maybe a year ago. There for a while it was just something to do, a hobby. Though since I started all grain brewing I feel its more than that now. I really want to understand all the ins...
  4. jkmcd3

    Surprise in Bottom of Keggle

    So I have finally got around to working on my keggles. I cut the top of one that I have had sitting around in my garage for a little while (no beer in it) and there was a little surprise in the bottom. Not sure exactly what it is. Looks like some dried up gunk but I am wondering if that is...
  5. jkmcd3

    Regulator Starting to Oxidize

    Hey Everybody, I bought a three way regulator from Keg Connections and I keep it in my deep freeze just resting on top of my kegs for now (until I can build something out). The deep freeze sits out in my garage. So needless to say, here in central Texas the condensation in that freezer is...
  6. jkmcd3

    Banged Up Keg Still Good??

    Hey Everybody, I bought a few kegs over the last couple of months in hopes of starting to all grain brew by the end of the year. One of the kegs I got off of craigslist ended up being pretty badly banged up around the top and bottom rim. Pics Below I read the sticky about the kettle that...
  7. jkmcd3

    Are You Your Own Worst Critic?

    Not sure if this is a topic or not, but do you feel as though you are your own worst critic. I have been brewing for almost 6 years. I have focused more time and energy towards this hobby over the last 2 years though. And I constantly feel as though my beer is....ehh (for lack of a better...
  8. jkmcd3

    I need some knowledge dropped on me!

    Hello all! I have been brewing for just about 6 years (no expert by any means), however, ciders are new to me. Sorry if some of this has been asked before. I read the stickys and understand the process (juice+sugar+yeast = magic) but I am still curious about a couple things: 1. The term...
  9. jkmcd3

    Yeast Starter Looks Pretty Dead

    Hey Guys, I did a quick search and didn't see anything specific to what I have going on, but even then, sorry if this has already been answered hundreds of times: I pulled a vial of White Labs out of the fridge Monday afternoon (4:00 o'clockish), realized I didn't have time to brew that...
  10. jkmcd3

    First Time Kegger - Carb Question

    Hey Brewers, I hope all is well with everyone. This is my first post so I will try to make it a good one! I have been brewing for about 3 years, well I guess 2 technically, its been about a year since I brewed. My awesome girlfriend got me a keg and all the goodies that go with it as a gift a...