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  1. Aestiva

    Why would this belgian become really bitter?!

    So I brewed the Brewers Best Belgian Tripel. My O.G. was 1.070, a little less than desired, but I thought not enough to cause an issue. I pitched the supplied yeast which I had started in one cup of cooled wort. I put it away at about 70deg. It cooled by the am to about 65deg. By three...
  2. Aestiva

    Here's what I got, What can I make?

    I have a can of Munton's Continental Lager 1.8kg, One can of Cooper's 1.7kg (obviously hopped in both cases) & 3 lbs of Spray malt Plain Light 10 EBC. My goal was to make to make a Oktoberfest/Malt liquor/Mai bock style with some hoppiness and an alcohol content in the sixes. Does...