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  1. SteinBrew

    Recipe Critique - Dos Cerebros IPA

    I am working on a new IPA recipe and I'm curious to hear any feedback before the brew. I think it will be tasty as is, however, I always learn new things when people critique my recipes. Thanks! Dos Cerebros IPA Stats: Recipe type - All-grain Batch size - 10 gal. Mash efficiency - 80%...
  2. SteinBrew

    IBA Recipe Critique

    I am working on a new all-grain IBA recipe for a 10 gallon batch. I've never brewed an IBA, so I would love to hear any feedback from those more knowledgeable and experienced than myself. Thank you in advance for any shared insight! Stats: Mash efficiency - 73% Pre-boil - 1.055 OG - 1.059...
  3. SteinBrew

    CaraPils/Dextrin Malt - How much to use?

    I have a quick question: When using CaraPils/Dextrin malt in a 10-gallon batch of all-grain ale, what percentage of the grain bill should be allotted? Side notes: - I am using this malt strictly for increased foam, head retention, and enhanced mouthfeel. - I am under the impression that...
  4. SteinBrew

    The Mash/Sparge Conundrum

    I have been brewing all-grain for a couple years now. After a multitude of batches - spent learning and experimenting - I have reached the point where I am ready to gain understanding and insight into every aspect of the beer-making process. Simply, I have become a proud lover of everything beer...