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  1. agezzi

    !!Guess the size?!!

    So what's the chance anyone knows the thread size on these? Figured someone here would know.
  2. agezzi

    Running 240 with 120

    What is the break down on running 240v element on 120v. I know you can, but what is the the break down. Like what would a 3500w 240v element put out watt wise on 120v.
  3. agezzi

    Grey Squirrel brewery

    just wanted to show off my new garage brewery... i just bought the house in November and got started....if anyone wants i can do a full right up with more pics. but long story short i took my garage and cut it in half. adding electric all the stuff i need. i went with 120v 2 elements in my boil...
  4. agezzi

    Quick question on pid

    I am using two 120v elements and two soild state relays. How do I wire the pid to control both relays: do I wire them in series or in parallel?
  5. agezzi

    Question on element

    I remember that I read a thread were there was a link for low density elements for 120v. I've looked and can't seem to find it. I think PJ is the man that found the site. Please help? Crunch time to order.
  6. agezzi

    Alpha acids

    Is there anyway to find out what alpha acids levels are in your own crop?
  7. agezzi

    For my safety

    Im trying to figure out how to ground my 2000w element. It's going in unfortunately a aluminum 10g pot. I asked in another thread but to no reply. Please help don't want to just chance it. It will b thru the kettle. Attaching it close to the way it was in the Brutus 20. Thanks
  8. agezzi

    can someone help with 120v?

    Im in the middle of ordering for a 120v e-kettle. what should i get for the element and what is the best way to put it in the kettle and how(10g kettle).As well can anyone help with a wire schematic for a single pid with fuses(and what size) switches for main power and to insure the element is...
  9. agezzi

    Using a Johnson a419 to control electric/and best way to modify old equipment.

    Ok....few things here. I just built a brutus,but come to find out that i'm stuck in my apartment for one more year. So no brutus :mad:. I have my original 10 gallon brew pot and mash tun cooler still that I wont need for the new rig. and would like to stay all grain. So.. the idea is that I...
  10. agezzi

    Ten tip burners

    Anyone know a good way to mount these burners with out using black pipe. I need a extra head on this one. I may be over thinking it. Is there a way to mount these to the stand instead of trying to figure out what random sizes of pipe I need. Wanting to use flexible pipe, but the ten tip burners...
  11. agezzi

    Maybe someday she'll be here(weldless brutus 10)

    For about 6months now I've been looking around matching prices and finding as much free stuff as possible to start me a Brutus. Well she's not together yet, but I wanted to share so far what I have. I know I came in under a grand. When I sit down and add up all the receipts I'll post them on...
  12. agezzi

    Brew keggle thermometer

    Can anyone head me in the right direction for a good deal on a temp gauge thermometer for my brew pots(the Brutus will soon start to rise to life)
  13. agezzi

    Diy on pilot light for brutus

    Can anyone help me out? I need to know how to make and plum in a pilot light. Fittings, piping etc..... Trying to get all my parts before the weekend. Got a friend helping to plum it up this weekend. Just want to do a standing pilot nothing special. I'm like a little kid waiting for Christmas...
  14. agezzi

    Ok please help, what to get to diy burner setup

    I need to know what to buy to set up a two burner brewstand. Plumbing, regulater/s, etc... I found a regulator at agrisupply.com I want, but comes with no way to hook it to the lp tank what do I need ........ Please help I'm lost. I looked around first and I'm having a hard time not knowing...
  15. agezzi

    is there a chart to substitute hops

    does anyone know of such a chart? help on this would be great, I need to know what else I can use instead of fuggles and east kent goldings. For a all-grain nut brown ale
  16. agezzi

    can you split a package of dry yeast

    Ok...so I have one package of Nottingham.I'm wanting to brew two batches, but wont have time to order more yeast before my family is in town. If I take it and make a starter for each half (in my head this should still make a pitch-able cell count ) will it do what I want with out any problems...
  17. agezzi

    can anyone help me with my ph levels

    here is my water table. what do I need to add to adjust my ph to around 5.2 to 5.6. be easy with me,this water thing I just don't get. LAFAYETTE WATER QUALITY ANALYSIS pH 7.3 Alkalinity 225 mg/L as CaCO3 Temperature 13.3 oC Fluoride 0.9 mg/l Orthophosphate 0.3 mg/l Total phosphate 0.8...
  18. agezzi

    Hey its a need to know on temp.

    First I gotta say this forum is a great thing....OK..anyway I need to figure out what I can pick up at the local Lowes, or Home depot to help insulate my 44qt cooler mlt, as well with my 40qt bk. Does anyone out there have a idea on what would work to keep my mlt at temp during 60min mash. Then...
  19. agezzi

    keeping yeast

    I just started thinking if i make a starter and keep part of it. can i use it to re grow another starter to put back in tube. along with that if I can how many times can I re grow the same yeast.....UPDATE... I did it the other night and have two tubes now. but I can c some darker spots is that...
  20. agezzi

    how much damn lme should be use in starter

    ok so im getting that i suck at math. does anyone know how much lme i should use for a 2l starter. all i find is lme threads on stater amounts. and ill b @#$% if i made one lastnight 1.5 liters and used 1 cup,damn thing was 1.060. i had to boil and cool more water. ended up at 1.037 wich im ok...