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  1. Dr Vorlauf

    So.... (winter brewing)

    Dude. I was out with people camping today. Way colder than 40F and soaking wet with rain. You are dry, indoors. Dress properly and have a few brews.
  2. Dr Vorlauf

    just had an interesting read about ergotized beer..

    Basically this is what is alleged to caused the witch like behavior in the Salem witch trials. Grain infected with these compounds might produce bad results for consumption.
  3. Dr Vorlauf

    Polyclar comparison

    Seriously, as it looks as if it has FCC= Food Codex Chemical status. But last night I drank an IPA that was cleared with Polyclar and I heard a radio station from Belgium playing in my head... But then again I just got a new filling in my tooth so all is good. I need to go and repair my...
  4. Dr Vorlauf

    Polyclar comparison

    Polyclar works great. It also drops some tannins from your beer so use it in an appropriate style ( as you did ). Most breweries and wineries that use polyclar will remove it ( the polyclar ) via filtration. PVPP has an FCC status apparently but... Basically it is probably the best...
  5. Dr Vorlauf

    Is this a result of whirlfloc?

    Really good photo progression. I have seen the same when I use Whirlfloc.
  6. Dr Vorlauf

    Is This My First Infection?

    Do not throw it out. Check out the never dump a batch thread.
  7. Dr Vorlauf

    When is it too cold to brew?

    I actually prefer to brew outside instead of in the garage when it gets really cold. Ive brewed at the coldes at about 20 - 25 F. My problem is the wind really puts a hurt on my burner. Best bet is a sheild or a burner with a 20 psi regulator or both.
  8. Dr Vorlauf

    What are you getting for Christmas (Beer related)

    I will be getting myself a barley crusher just after Christmas and a few bags of 2 row, some specialty grains and food grade bins.
  9. Dr Vorlauf

    Is Apfelwein Kosher???

    As long as you circumcised the apples you are good to go.
  10. Dr Vorlauf

    Unclean finish!!

    What is the recipe ? Water conditions ( hardness , pH etc).
  11. Dr Vorlauf

    Shipping beer

    You are shipping a yeast culture not beer.
  12. Dr Vorlauf

    Yuengling now in Georgia

    +1 i expect alot more from the "Oldest Brewery in America. They certainly weren't making that piss pre prohibition.
  13. Dr Vorlauf

    Free Bottle Opener from Beck's

    Got mine today. I took awhile but it was free...
  14. Dr Vorlauf

    Glycerine lab grade

    I wouldn't use "lab grade". Here is a link to FCC ( food codex and USP ) glycerin. Why Glycerine USP?
  15. Dr Vorlauf

    Chemical coagulants as clarifiers

    I wouldn't do it. Too many safer alternatives with no after tastes or soluble aluminum.
  16. Dr Vorlauf

    What Are You Sipping for Closing Ceremonies

    Seriously I am sipping a Ballast Point IPA. Had some Apfelwein tonight with some nice cedar planked wild salmon... life is good.
  17. Dr Vorlauf

    What Are You Sipping for Closing Ceremonies

    I have a huge amount of beer in primaries and aging / staging. Deciding between Heineken and PBR, this pushed me over the edge: I know this has been posted before... still love it.
  18. Dr Vorlauf

    My Infection (pic)

    Did you need to lubricate your wooden shaft when penetrating the bung hole ? If so did you use keg lube or a water based lubricant to make it fit ? Seriously I am going to start sour beers in 3 - 4 months and cant wait to try this recipe.
  19. Dr Vorlauf

    Growing irritation at restaurants and bars

    When I moved to the Lehigh Valley, PA from Manhattan I was a bit concerned about the restaurants. The lower end places seem to not be able to produce decent meals ( I mean I have to drive 20 mins for a decent thin crust pizza !!). But I found so many gems in this area that all is good. One...