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  1. jasoux

    Minnesota Brewtus 10 Rig For Sale

    $800 obo. Only serious inquiries will be considered! For the home brewer wanting an upgrade, I have an all grain RIMS single tier propane brew rig for sale. Based on the Brewtus 10 design Achieved 80% brewhouse efficiency. Have over $1200 invested into this system Includes: Single Tier...
  2. jasoux

    Minnesota Brew Equipment For Sale

    Hi All, I am selling off my brew rig and several other brewing items. Below is the Craigslist post. **Local pickup preferred, will consider shipping** https://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/for/d/home-brew-beer-equipment-for/6613647572.html I have accumulated extra brewing equipment over the...
  3. jasoux

    WTB EBIAB System

    Looking for a complete EBIAB system. Would prefer a set up that can be up to 10 gallons at a time.
  4. jasoux

    16 gallon brew pot

    I'm looking for used 16 gallon brew pots. I live in MN and looking to source locally. I would consider out of town offers if the price is right. : cheers