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  1. Norie_

    NorcalBrewing Solutions Giveaway!

    Crossing my fingers. Pick me!
  2. Norie_

    What's your profession?

    Archaeologist and bartender when not on field projects.
  3. Norie_

    New York for sale in staten island

    I will take you ferment chamber than! I can be by tomorrow afternoon/ evening. Pm me with details
  4. Norie_

    New York for sale in staten island

    I am interested in your fermentation chamber. So you have pics? Will it break down so I can fit it into my SUV? How much for the chamber? PM me. Thanks
  5. Norie_

    Pennsylvania rhizomes cheap, many varieties

    I would like 1 each: chinook, centennial, and cascade if you have.
  6. Norie_


    I hate when people do not use their signal lights. Why am I supposed to know you were going to come into my lane all of a sudden?! I hate when people are driving too close to me. If I am in the middle lane and the person in front of me is driving slow why are you riding tail like that?! Dude...
  7. Norie_

    5 Borough(NYC)Bulk Grain Buy

    I would definitely be in for more sacks of grain!
  8. Norie_

    Best way to clean a carboy

    I have used Mark II Keg and Carboy washer for a month now. It is a time, water and PBW saver. Yesterday I washed and rinsed 5 carboys while brewing a Hefe. The most productive brew day I ever had. I highly recommend getting one.
  9. Norie_

    Colorado Stout Faucet

  10. Norie_

    Florida Weldless Bulkhead & Side Pickup

    Pm sent
  11. Norie_

    Ball-lock corny kegs

    Next in line if you have any kegs left
  12. Norie_

    New York FREE Party Pig

    I will take it. I am in brooklyn
  13. Norie_

    Pennsylvania Used 809 March Pump

    next in line
  14. Norie_

    Fermenting already

    This is True! It is such a gift to see all that hard work come alive.
  15. Norie_

    5 Borough(NYC)Bulk Grain Buy

    Awesome. Have fun in Japan!
  16. Norie_

    This dude did everything wrong...

    I wonder what his mead tastes like? I have never made mead but it seem that e didn't care about being sanitary at all.
  17. Norie_

    5 Borough(NYC)Bulk Grain Buy

    Would love some yeast!!
  18. Norie_

    5 Borough(NYC)Bulk Grain Buy

    Look at what I my directions in previous post in the thread. :)
  19. Norie_

    Pennsylvania Temperature Controller

    Interested! PM sent