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  1. Mickey Lane

    Yeast starter aerator

    I took an old CPAP machine and cranked the pressure up to max. Used an O2 hose fitting (aka injector) on the large hose outlet and a length of O2 hose to the yeast starter bottles. Used StarSan to clean the hose. It's a little weird because the CPAP thinks the patient is having a fit so the...
  2. Mickey Lane

    Time to bottle really high ABV Tripel

    I did a clone of Delirium Tremins and so far, it's worked perfectly. I tasted it when I racked it 5-6 weeks ago and it's good. The ferment stalled in the 1st fermenter at about ABV 10.5-11.5% and started again after being in the 2nd fermenter. It's been slow and steady up until a short while...
  3. Mickey Lane

    Additional yeast to finish high ABV batch?

    Need advice on adding a little yeast to finish the ferment and to bottle condition. Yes? No? What kind? I made a 5 gal batch using a recipe from the local supply house for a Delirium Tremens clone. It was mostly DME with a couple of grains to season. They were out of their preferred yeasts so...