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  1. myerstyson

    Doh! I guess I used too much yeast

    So, I did the Divide and Conquer 5-batch split as described in BYO Mar/Apr '16. If you haven't read the article, basically you brew a basic wort, then split the batch into 5 x 1-gallon jugs. Each jug uses a different yeast (and some get dry-hopping). So, not thinking, I put in full packets...
  2. myerstyson

    Dry version of Tennessee Whiskey Yeast (White Labs #WLP050)

    Hello! I'm thinking of doing a Kentucky Common soon. The recipe I'm using uses Tennessee Whiskey Yeast (White Labs #WLP050). Due to my current location, I cannot ship liquids, thus I need a dry equivalent of Tennessee Whiskey Yeast (White Labs #WLP050). Any ideas?
  3. myerstyson

    Fuller's London Porter bottle cap size?

    So, I love Fuller's London Porter almost as much as I love my own London Porter. I bought and saved enough bottles of Fuller's to bottle my London Porter in them. Trouble came as we were bottling (my son helps me with the capping). The caps seem to take some time to cinch on. Did they...
  4. myerstyson

    How many gallons of homebrew in 2016?

    I'll start! (Didn't see one already.) 5.5 gallons of Sam Calagione's Fruitcake from his Extreme Brewing.
  5. myerstyson

    Unplanned ingredient added to my wort today...is my beer ruined?

    Help! BLUF: Sometime during my boil, a plastic light cover from the oven grill fell in my kettle. So, our house here has a glass top stove, and an embassy-provided U.S. electric oven/stove combo. I usually use the US stove, but the big burner stopped working today. I did the boil on my...
  6. myerstyson

    Dual voltage temperature controller recommendations?

    (Admins, I searched for a thread on this topic but couldn't find one. If I dorked up, please delete this one and advise where the thread is I should be reading.) Ladies & gents, I am currently stationed overseas, in the land of 220-voltage. But I won't be here forever. Someday I'll return to...
  7. myerstyson

    My split batch plan...comments?

    OK, so I'm brewing a London Porter this weekend (AHS's LP kit...love this kit). I want to split the batch after fermentation; one batch normal the other with pumpkin pie spices. Here's my plan. Please let me know if I'm screwing anything up in the process. Everything below starts on bottling...
  8. myerstyson

    Megapot mistake

    Ladies & gents, A year ago I bought (naively) a Megapot 1.2 8 gallon pot with holes for a thermometer and ball valve. I've found I use neither. Is there something I can buy that'll plug those holes? I'd like to still use the pot as just an 8 gallon brew pot, without the thermometer or...
  9. myerstyson

    Is it infected? What's this white stuff

    Buddy of mine did a DME extract kolsch kit and when he opened the fermenter to bottle, he saw this.
  10. myerstyson

    Confused about gravity after mash

    Did my first "mini-mash" today. I am brewing a doppelbock, and the recipe called for me to mash the 4lbs of grain in 2 gallons of 155F water for 45 min. I took a gravity sample out of the mash after it was done, let it cool to 70F then took a gravity. 1.070. Could that be right? If it...
  11. myerstyson

    Adding frozen strawberries

    (Yes, I know there are many fruit threads, but I didn't want to hijack anyone else's.) I've seen lots of threads on adding fruit. I've seen various ways of adding fruit, everything from heating it to adding it to the end of the boil, to making a tincture. Here's my question: Can I just add my...
  12. myerstyson

    Kyrgyz beer

    So, I found these guys growing wild right by my house here in Bishkek. They smell great, so I picked some. And that got me thinking. I've already made a Golden Ale using 2lbs of great Kyrgyz honey. I wonder if I should search out some grain here and make an all Kyrgyz beer. I have a one...
  13. myerstyson

    Maik's Maibock

    Just bottled my Maibock, from a kit I got from Midwest. This was the first lager I did where I actually had refrigerator space to do the lagering. The beer was in the primary for one month, then moved it to secondary. Gravity was 1.012 and put the carboy in the fridge. A month later I moved it...
  14. myerstyson

    Old flip tops with corroded gaskets...salvageable?

    (I searched this forum for this question and couldn't find a thread. Sorry if I missed one. Perhaps I'm searching the wrong words?) My bro-in-law gifted me about 45 flip-top bottles of the Fischer type. I went through the boxes today to clean and inspect them, in preparation for bottling my...
  15. myerstyson

    Raspberry chipotle?

    Just had a raspberry chipotle glaze on my ham. It was incredible. The hostess also put some on top of some creamy cheese. Still incredible. So that got me thinking. Wonder if I could do an extract of raspberries and chipotle. Kinda get that fruity sweetness with a background bite. Anyone...
  16. myerstyson

    Homebrewing article in Richmond Times-Dispatch

    Originally posted by @Goldenboy in forum f14: Nice article in Monday's Richmond Times-Dispatch on home brewing featuring yours truly and Original Gravity, a LHBS. Give it a read. http://www.richmond.com/business/local/article_d5aefdde-05a5-51d3-bcd5-12bc0f35df08.html
  17. myerstyson

    How to Brew by Palmer

    OK, I finally got this book that everyone is talking about. I thought it might be a waste, as I'm beyond the basics. Boy was I wrong. This book is the PERFECT beginner and intermediate book. The step by step and the checklists...damn, I wish I had them when I started. The format of the book...
  18. myerstyson

    The Naked Brewer: Fearless Homebrewing Tips, Tricks & Rule-breaking Recipes

    The Naked Brewer: Fearless Homebrewing Tips, Tricks & Rule-breaking Recipes by Christina Perozzi. Just got this in the mail after reading a couple articles by the author in Beer Advocate. I like it. The recipes are interesting as they're all for 2.5 gallons. Not sure what I think about that...
  19. myerstyson

    Priming with DME take longer than corn sugar?

    I bottled my Kotbusser on 7 Feb, and the bottles have been in a 70* room ever since. I put one in the fridge yesterday and popped it last night. Taste was AWESOME, but alas, no head, no bubbles really at all. When I opened the bottle, I got a pop and a bit of fog, but that's it. This...
  20. myerstyson

    More proof beer is good for you

    From Discover magazine!