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  1. agezzi

    !!Guess the size?!!

    So what's the chance anyone knows the thread size on these? Figured someone here would know.
  2. agezzi

    Running 240 with 120

    So it just cuts it in half? I have seen a thread before on the break down. But I can't find it.
  3. agezzi

    Running 240 with 120

    What is the break down on running 240v element on 120v. I know you can, but what is the the break down. Like what would a 3500w 240v element put out watt wise on 120v.
  4. i_phone_515


  5. agezzi

    Grey Squirrel brewery

    again more pics
  6. agezzi

    Grey Squirrel brewery

    more pics
  7. agezzi

    Grey Squirrel brewery

    just wanted to show off my new garage brewery... i just bought the house in November and got started....if anyone wants i can do a full right up with more pics. but long story short i took my garage and cut it in half. adding electric all the stuff i need. i went with 120v 2 elements in my boil...
  8. agezzi

    Quick question on pid

    I am using two 120v elements and two soild state relays. How do I wire the pid to control both relays: do I wire them in series or in parallel?
  9. agezzi

    P-J is the electric Yoda.

    Does someone have a list of the diagrams. I would like to have them for later use. I'm am sry to read about this. Pj without your help many of us would have never taken the plunge into this wonderful electric world of brewing. I thankyou for your expertise in this and hope that even if u take...
  10. agezzi

    Question on element

    Thankyou sir. That's the ticket!
  11. agezzi

    Question on element

    Just to add I'm looking for 1500w element to add to my current setup. What I have now is a 2000w element with pid. The plan is too use that in conjunction with the new element hooked straight up to just a switch. I will use it to leave on when I boil and use the pid to cycle the other to...
  12. agezzi

    Question on element

    I remember that I read a thread were there was a link for low density elements for 120v. I've looked and can't seem to find it. I think PJ is the man that found the site. Please help? Crunch time to order.
  13. agezzi

    Weldless brew stand.

    No burners in it yet, but it's about 20 year old green powder coated angle iron. It's was free from work, so the price was just right. Will post again when it's finally together. It may be bit as I'm soon to be moving into my first home.
  14. agezzi

    smallest fridge for 3 gallon corny keg - seltzer system

    Like this mine will fit 3 after I move my co2 tank outside
  15. agezzi

    Alpha acids

    Is there anyway to find out what alpha acids levels are in your own crop?
  16. agezzi

    Lining a 10G cooler with stainless?

    If u went with a ss tee and two ss braided hoses on the inside of ur kettle. It won't cost that much.
  17. agezzi

    any issues with elements mounted in aluminum pots?

    Same here no problem with my aluminum pot.
  18. agezzi

    can someone help with 120v?

    I used a 1 1/4 pvc cap,drilled hole for cord. wired the element then used liquid tape to seal the terminals. Then took a 1 1/4 washer over the element threads, soldered the ground to the under side of the washer. jb welded that to the hex on the element. once dried i filled the cap with epoxy...
  19. agezzi

    can someone help with 120v?

    Well when I heated my strike water it took about 35 mins to hit temp. Time isn't a big deal for me. The control was great, set it and walk off. My brew day was cut by at least by an hour or more. For the boil I had a portable 8in hot plate. Set it on medium, medium high, and the used the pid...