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  1. Token

    Whirlpool hot or chilled?

    I've been told for this recipe to whirlpool for 15 to 20 minutes. I've added hops at flameout in the past, but I've never done a whirlpool for a hop addition. I was thinking of adding the hops at flameout and then do a gentle whirlpool/let it sit for 15 minutes total. Does that make sense? I...
  2. Token

    30 min mash, 30 min boil??

    http://aussiehomebrewer.com/topic/76190-10-minute-ipas-are-good-for-school-night-brewing/ Hopefully this link will work. Guy starts out misunderstanding 10 minute addition and ends up starting conversation and experiments involving short mash/boil. Sounds like they are getting good...
  3. Token

    Riwaka hops ANYWHERE??

    I have been looking for some time now for Riwaka hops. Used to be Falconer's Flight or Simcoe were the tough ones to get. Now it seems Riwaka is the elusive hop. Help!
  4. Token

    Need suggestions for substitutions

    I'm brewing a mild ale but need a couple substitutions. Recipe calls for 5 oz choc malt and 4 oz torrified wheat. I'd prefer to stick to the original recipe for first time through, but I can't justify the shipping to order what would end up being 2 pounds of grains (have to order a pound of...
  5. Token

    Roasted barley--mash or steep?

    I've been trying to expand my horizons and brew something other than IPA's and pale ales. I've been leaning a little toward lighter stouts. I want to brew a simple Guinness Draught type beer, but am not sure if I should mash or steep the roasted barley. Didn't think about it until I read it...
  6. Token

    Adventures with Surly Furious

    This has been a crazy experience. This is the Surly Furious available from Northern Brewer. I've never experienced so many crazy things with one beer. The yeast I used is a 3rd generation. First was used in Yooper's oatmeal stout, then NB's Dawson's Multigrain Red, now in the Surly Furious...
  7. Token

    Adjust mill settings for choc rye?

    I'm going to brew a recipe using only 1/4 pound of chocolate rye, but those grains look really little. Do I need to adjust my grain mill setting for it? Should I just use a rolling pin on it since it's just 1/4 pound? Or should I just run it through with the rest of the grain? Dawson's...
  8. Token

    Tannins: How bad is this gonna be?

    I was attempting my first double brew day. All was going very well until my full batch (I did a full batch and a half batch) boiled over. It really wasn't that big of a deal since it was in the garage and not on the stove, but I panicked. I turned down the heat real quick but still felt the need...
  9. Token

    Need advice on WLP810 starter

    I'm making a half batch California Common today. I was told by LHBS that yeast in vial would be enough since I'm just doing a half batch. I was also told to make a starter by someone else. I figured I'd go ahead and make a starter. I've never made one, and I don't have a stir plate. It's just a...
  10. Token

    Beersmith--List hops in order

    How do I get Beersmith to list the hop additions in my recipe in order of appearance? Usually the dry hop additions are listed before other additions. I'd like to scroll down and see them listed in the order in which they are added. Thanks for your help. :)
  11. Token

    Determining mash temp

    Let's say I want to shoot for a mash temp of 152. I have a regular, glass, stick-type thermometer. At what depth do I take the reading? Near the top? Half-way into the mash? At the bottom of the tun? (not sure thermometer is long enough for that!) I've never been real sure about this, and a...
  12. Token


    http://www.uptoberfest.org/ A real nice fest.
  13. Token

    Where to purchase NZ hops?

    Any suggestions as to where I could purchase New Zealand Super Alpha and Riwaka Hops? Wouldn't mind trying Sticklebract too.
  14. Token

    Does a gentle boil equal DMS?

    I was this close to taking my brewpot outside to a turkey fryer when my stove was having a hard time getting my wort to a boil. In fact I got it all set up; but when I came back in the house, the boil had started. I decided to just go with that rather than interrupt the boil and have to start it...
  15. Token

    Save boiled DME??

    Here's the thing. My husband and I have decided to call my brewery Worry Wort Brewing for good reason. I was a little worked up with my brewing again, but this time I did something new: I misread my OG reading in the wrong direction. I thought I read 1.036, so I started boiling some DME to...
  16. Token

    Calcium Sulfate

    Is calcium sulfate the same as gypsum?
  17. Token

    Where is that thread...?

    Where is the thread from about a year ago about misquoting Benjamin Franklin? I have searched and searched. I used to have it in my favorites on my computer. But my computer got a virus, and my husband had to reinstall everything; so it's gone. I loved that thread!
  18. Token

    Half batch/full yeast pack?

    I see Austin Homebrew has some seasonal yeasts available. I'd like to use one. Thing is, I'd just like to brew a half batch for this. I'm thinking about an English Ale. I usually use dry yeast, so I'm not sure about a Wyeast pack. Would I still need to make a starter? Would it overwhelm a...
  19. Token

    UPtoberfest October 10

    Our local homebrew club, Bay de Noc Brewers, are helping out the United Way this year to put on a great Octoberfest. It's a beer and wine festival. We have at least two local wineries scheduled to be there with some of their finest. Since we are in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, it's...
  20. Token

    Missed OG. Can it be adjusted?

    I generally do extract brews, have been moving into partial mash, and today went a little further (not ALL grain, but mostly) by following DeathBrewer's pictoral on stove top all grain. I still added a bit of DME at the end to make up for the 2.5 pounds of grain the recipe called for but I did...