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  1. beerlover77

    Canada A few items for sale

    Make me an offer, everything is in great condition I am willing to ship small items but larger items would have to be local: -($5) SS dip tube with male Compression fitting (1/2" OD 3/8" ID) -($10) Refractometer -($5) Large floating thermometer (new) -($10) Sanke connector -($2) stir spoon...
  2. beerlover77

    A big score of equipment

    I was inquiring about a keg and found out a nice local guy had gotten out of brewing. He didn't want to piece out so I bought the works for a very low price 3x plastic (7G big mouth) carboys 2x glass 5G carboys 1x glass 6G carboys 2x glass 3G carboys 10G plastic fermenter bucket funnel...
  3. beerlover77

    Should I buy this grain Mill?

    So I have a chance at getting a used Miller’s Mill B3 barley Mill Is is described as ‘older but very functional. Is this a Mill worth owning? If so how much would it be worth? Right now I have a corona Mill in a bucket
  4. beerlover77

    Leaking Corny Keg post

    I recently bought this corny keg, just filled it for the first time and the gas post is leaking from the poppet but only with the gas quick connect on the keg... once I remove it, it seals. The quick connect seems a little loose and wiggly when popped on the post. This Gas post looks a bit...
  5. beerlover77

    The great bottle carbing debate

    So when you prime in bottles which temp do you put in the calculator? I always used the fermentation temperature (not the cold crashed temp) and had perfectly carbed beers... my friend was bringing me under carbed beers and he claims you should use the cold crashed temp in the calculator...
  6. beerlover77

    Anyone ever used these hops before?

    As part of an order my supplier threw in a pound of Evergreen Infused Cascade. Anyone heard of or used these before?
  7. beerlover77

    American IPA LushJuice IPA

    LushJuice IPA - American IPA (14B) Batch Size 5.630 gal Boil Size 7.130 gal Boil Time 1.000 hr Efficiency 82% OG 1.065 sg FG 1.016 sg ABV 6.7% IBU 68.9 (Tinseth) Color 7.6 srm (Morey) Estimated calories (per 12 oz) 217 Total grain: 12.625 lb Name...
  8. beerlover77

    Well it finally happened....

    Walked into my beer room and could smell a sweet odor. Upon looking around there was black syrupy liquid and pieces of bottle glass everywhere... my first (and hopefully last) bottle bomb.:smh: This was the last bottle of coffee stout brewed 1.5 years ago:inbottle:
  9. beerlover77

    Any Vancouver Island brewers on here??

    Attention not sure who is is aware but Dan's Homebrewing is doing free deliveries on Vancouver Island once a month. They deliver to your address and go anywhere from Victoria to Courtenay. https://danshomebrewing.wordpress.com/
  10. beerlover77

    Maris otter comparisons

    I am thinking of trying domestic ESB malt to replace Maris Otter for the next few batches. Specifically Gambrinus ESB as it is way cheaper. Does anyone have experience using similar domestic malts for their British/malty brews?
  11. beerlover77

    American Pale Ale Galaxy Pale Ale

    This is one of my most brewed beers. Many people love it, one friend said it was the best beer he has ever had! My cousin (who doesn't drink beer) even liked it and she thought I had infused grapefruit juice into it. A homebrew shop requested the recipe so he could make kits and market them...
  12. beerlover77

    Wyeast 3711 Saison yeast is a beast!

    Pitched proper yeast amount. Fridge is set for 68-70f Checked in on my beer 7 hours after pitching Yeast and saw this!
  13. beerlover77

    My Hand Crafted Brew Paddle

    So I convinced my cousin who is a wood carver to fashion me a brew paddle quite some time ago. It turned out so good he made a few more with the intention to sell them! I advised him that it might be a good idea to become a sponsor on HBT as some here may be interested.