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    Good Brown Ale

    Tommyknocker maple nut brown is awesome too....just trying to get that maple taste into my brown ales,
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    First SMaSH attempt.

    Keep it simple, and let the citra shine. 1oz 15 minutes 1oz 10 minutes 1oz 5 minutes 1oz FO dry hop with 2 oz. not sure what the aa % for your citra is, but usually its about 14%, you should get about 55 ibus with this schedule, but since all the hops are added in the last 15...
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    Is infected beee very undrinkable?

    It depends on what the beer tastes like. Is it bitter? Because that is NOT a sign of infected beer, describe what you are tasting, and I'm sure others will be able to chime in.
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    nut brown ale suggestions

    I definitely see what your desired outcome is, but ever since I made a Christmas ale with about 8 different grains, I became weary of using to many different malts. Good luck with your brew BTW.
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    How long is too long?

    Soooo basically you were forced to be patient with this beer, and not screw with it for a while? Kinda like what all the old timers on this site try to say? It will probably be a great beer, enjoy
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    nut brown ale suggestions

    Oh, and move your 30 minute addition down to 10 minutes, EKG's are delicious.
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    nut brown ale suggestions

    Just my 2 cents, but I would simplify the grain bill, the C40 and C80 can be replaced by some C60, and I would do about 1/2 lb of that, the carapils isn't needed since the brown ale will have enough unfermentables to contribute to mouth feel. The special b IMO isn't really something I would...
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    Adding brown sugar to an IPA?

    The brown sugar will ferment out of the beer for the most part, and with all the hops in there, it will get covered up for sure. My buddy used some in a hoppy pale ale as priming sugar (figure out how much you would need compared to the normal priming sugar) and he said that it added a little...
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    1 kind of hops?

    just got done with a series of smashes. amarillo/MO, nelson sauvin/vienna, did a mosaic/simple malt bill, now im going to be doing an apollo/golden promise. its a great way to figure out what a hop/malt/yeast actually taste like.
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    Mixing whole and pellet hops for dry hopping

    You can do it anyway you want like daksin said. I have a IIPA dry hopping with an oz of chinook, columbus, and simcoe, in three bags, and the columbus is pellet, the rest are whole hops. No problems whatsoever.
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    I hate dme

    if you have a pitcher, just add some hot tap water, and mix the dme into that. you wont need that much water, and if it throws off your volumes, just boil for a bit longer.
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    Brewed an ipa

    i punched in your grain bill to beercalculus, and it got 1.044 for your OG.
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    How to use hops in extract brewing

    Once your wort gets to a rolling boil, you would then add your hops, in accordance with your hop schedule. The other way you mentioned is called a "hop tea", I've never done that, so I cant comment on it. So yes, the hops and the wort get boiled together, and become great friends.
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    English IPAs- what do you like?

    the english IPA's ive tried have always had a stronger malt backbone, and the hops are obviously of the english variety so its less citrus/pine/tropical/dank, and more woodsey/earthy/spicey/floral etc. A book on IPA's that ive re-read numerous times showed some early ipa recipes (1800's-ish)...
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    English IPAs- what do you like?

    ya its something i thought up, but i havent brewed it yet, so if you do brew this, give me the heads up.
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    English IPAs- what do you like?

    heres one that ive been meaning to make. 10lbs MO 8oz medium crystal fwh 1oz EKG 15 1oz EKG 15 1oz fuggles 10 1oz EKG 10 1oz fuggles 5 1oz EKG 5 1oz fuggles 1.060 ibus 55 I was planning on using 1968, but any english strain will work....I also have a dry stout...
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    Beer-sickle accident

    Make an eisbock?
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    Any Good IPA Extract Kit Recommendations

    my second brew ever was something that the guy at my LHBS threw together. It was delicious, and very hoppy, but it didnt just throw hops around for the hell of it. 9lbs Light LME 1.5 oz Simcoe FWH 3.5 oz Simcoe @flame out. us-05 yeast It was excellent, very piney, citrusy, and over...
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    Hot alcohol taste in Belgian IPA.

    So I finally kegged my BIPA, though its not fully carbed right now. The OG was 1.061, and the FG was 1.006. Attenuation was somewhere 90%. The funky taste from the yeast is there, plus the hop bitterness, plus.....A hot alcohol taste. My apartment stays around 60 degrees, so even a +10...
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    American Bitter Yeast Recommendation

    Ive got an American bitter fermenting right now with wlp008, so theres an option.