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  1. Z

    PID SSR Compatiability Question

    Dr Tom, Thanks for the input sounds like I still might have a chance. :ban: In fact that was one thing that was confusing me, the circut seemed to always be on. If one were interested in buying said .... ...where would one shop? Are these close to what you referred? Dayton...
  2. Z

    PID SSR Compatiability Question

    It has been a long time coming but I am finally putting together a controller and building a RIM unit. I have gotten everything put together but think I may have picked up the wrong SSRs. I currently have a Watlow 988 which the following output specs: "Output Options • Solid-state relay...
  3. Z

    Anti-Bling High Lead Chinese Brass Dirty Cheap Build

    Love the ammo can. I went with the same thing. Not done yet though.
  4. Z

    CPC Disconnect O-Ring

    Ouch! Probably don't want to order from these guys..... Hello 64937 are the replacement EPDM O-rings for those fittings. They are sold in a package of 100 for $74.40. Please feel free to contact us Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm EST, with any further questions or concerns. Thank you...
  5. Z

    CPC Disconnect O-Ring

    Thanks samc, I will check it out.
  6. Z

    CPC Disconnect O-Ring

    I believe you are spot on with the part number. After spending way too much time researching, I found a reference on the CPC site indicating 731600 is their replacement part number and the dimensions are ID=0.614; CS=0.70 for the BUNA-n and AS568-16 reference for the EPDM. MC #9396k22 seems to...