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    120V Blichman BoilCoil

    I recently moved into an apartment that does not allow open flame on the patio so i decided to give electric brewing a shot. I also opted to stick with 120V as to not further complicate the situation. I installed the 10 gallon version of the Blichman Boil Coil in my 10 gallon kettle. I used...
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    Wyeat 3724 Stuck at 1.031

    I too decided to forgo the warnings about that yeast. My saison stuck in the mid 30s for a solid month. Then one day BAM. 1.007. I was sampling every week. It was so rachet but eventually it does get there.
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    Is it bad to blow air into the fermenter?

    I just squeeze the fermenter to check if my blowoff tube is good. But I only use plastic
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    High FG in secondary

    Did you use some kind of English ale yeast? Some can be very flocculant and if not given a sufficient starter will finish kinda high
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    Why Quick Start on Yeast Cake?

    When you buy yeast to a certain degree they will be malnourished. They will consume internal nutrients to stay alive from the time they leave the yeast house to your brew house. To get the yeast in top shape people typically make a starter which is essentially a practice run at fermenting. The...
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    Which mini-fridge for fermenting chamber?

    a 4.3 cu ft mini fridge is probably the smallest you would want to go. Your run of the mill 4.3 cu ft mini fridge has the hump for the compressor and a freezer section that provides cooling to the entire fridge. Any 4.3 cu ft fridge without either or both of these things is desirable. The...
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    Convert 5 gallon recipes to 1 gallon

    Ive heard you can scale base grains but specialty malts shouldnt. However going from 5gal to 1gal id immagine some scaling is necessary
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    Lactose in an Imperial Stout?

    I would prefer to pick a less attenuative yeast, use a higher mash temp, and adjust the same pitch rate to get a higher FG. An imperial stout would tend to have a higher fg due to yeast attenuation eliminating the need to have lactose to increase fg unless you want it over 1.030
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    Saison problem

    Time is your friend. It took 7 weeks to ferment my 1.055 saison down to 1.002. At week 6 it was still at 1.022. I was using the wyeast belgian saison. Temps were in the mid 80s for most of fermentation
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    Time for a new brew kettle/pot... advice please?

    I got the 10 gallon ss megapot from austin homebrewing. Drilled a hole in it using a step drill bit and added a ss ball valve. Thing is solid as a rock. Great pot and not too bad at 80ish
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    Another Stuck Fermentation Thread

    yeast will be yeast... 65% attenuation isnt horrible. Raising temps a bit and time might help. If you raised temp when your fermentation started slowing it might have been more effective.
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    Two yeasts, one beer.

    American ale and Brett B.
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    Carbonating in Bottles

    Unless you filter it, it should still have some yeast in suspension. If you want to drink it fast add some dry yeast to carbonate fast. If you are in for some extended aging the remaining yeast should be enough to carbonate over time
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    Woodland Hills homebrew shop

    Wow thanks. Good to know all hope is not lost
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    acceptable efficiency?

    I brewed a simple pale ale. And I use 2 thermometers to check temps, refractometer to check gravity throughout the process and double check the starting gravity with a hydrometer at the end. The mysrery beer was 8# 2 row 1# munich 8oz Crystal40 8oz Melanoidin 8oz Carapils Mashed at 148F...
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    acceptable efficiency?

    After many batches of being right on the money I kit a batch at a different homebrew shop. I never questioned effencncy until this time. I formulated my recipe for an og of 1.055. I came up at 1.038. Going by the numbers aparently I was getting 80ish% efficiency with the grain crush from my...
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    Bourbon, oak, and flavor extraction

    You might be able to get away with just adding some of the bourbon. I soaked some oak in bourbon for a month and added the liquor and oak to one batch and just the oak to the other. The batch where i added the liquor had a massive astringent tannic taste to it that took months for it to fade...
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    Distilling hops

    http://www.northernbrewer.com/shop/hopshot.html Hop oils are typically done by supercritical co2 extraction. Typically used for bittering, even in commercial examples like pliny or hop stoopid. Not sure how effective they would be for dry hopping since theyre very viscous (wont disperse in cold...
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    Test: Temp while fermenting

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    Woodland Hills homebrew shop

    I went to the lhbs in woodland hills, right off the 101. Great shop with low low prices. I built my kit for a pale ale and proceeded to mill the grains. Thats where it got a little sketchy. A good majority of the grains looked like they didnt get milled. I saw the sign not saying to double mill...