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    yeast for a traditional sweet or semi sweet mead? Never made one before

    I want to make mead, never have before. I have my own beehives in Michigan, due to problems getting jars this year I ended up with a bunch of honey left in a bucket that has solidified. Instead of dealing with that mess I thought, why not just make mead with it? So I've got plenty of honey...
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    Mullberry wine with sweet berries

    I've been looking over a bunch of the old posts and various internet recipes. Here in Michigan we have the dark purple berries and they are very sweet and watery, almost too sweet. Wondering if anyone has recommendations on how to adjust for that? We've been picking them and putting them in the...
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    No debate, I'm boiling the pumpkin, but how many pounds?

    How many pounds should I put it the boil? I made a pumpkin ale last year and my notes said I did 5lbs in a 5 gallon batch. This sounded a little on the high side and I'm wondering if I got my notes right.
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    Didn't seem to carb much, do I still need to pasteurize?

    Bear with me, I haven't kept good records. I started with 2 gallons of local cider and an entire vile of cider yeast and that's it. I don't remember the gravity numbers but I checked the gravity after about 3 weeks and beer smith said 6.8% alcohol. I assumed fermentation was done at this point...
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    High OG and extra headspace

    I'm working on my first wine. I didn't measure the OG when I mixed everything. I just followed the recipe which gave me a whopping 1.114. I transferred to a 5 gallon carboy yesterday and it measured at 1.004. Beersmith is telling me that's 14.7%, so not terribly high but higher than what people...
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    Can I use green peaches?

    My peaches were in the process of ripening when the weight brought down two branches. I picked them and ended up with 5 grocery bags of peaches. From what I've read they won't actually ripen any further, just soften up some. Can I make wine with this or should they go to the compost pile?
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    Any chance of making it less cloudy at this point?(fermenting)

    I did a pumpkin beer and draining the mash ended up being a huge ordeal. I vorlaufed probably the first 5 times the mash got stuck, then said to hell with it and just kept clearing the steel mesh to keep it flowing. So of course it's pretty cloudy. Just took a two week sample yesterday. It...
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    Hard iron well water, have filter, softener options

    Just moved into a new house in Michigan on well water. It's on a whole house filter and softener. Without giving any thought to this I brewed my first batch here the other day. The mash went fine but the airlock activity has dropped off a little quicker then I'm used to, but the basement holds...
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    craigslist whiskey barrels, 275 gallon food grade, Lexington KY

    Thought this could be of interest to someone! http://lexington.craigslist.org/grd/2461544049.html Got their website link to work, they've got all sorts of stuff. http://www.lexingtoncontainercompany.com/index.html
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    Ft. Sill looking for a brew master

    USAJOBS Pretty crazy, never heard of anything like this before.
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    5 gallon carboy, Lexington KY $20

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    Lex KY craigslist 40qt pot

    Found this, they are calling it a steamer, it is a turkey fryer pot. $45 My guess is Bayou classic, I think they are the only ones that have that lip. Can anyone tell if it's aluminum or SS? I asked, they could only tell me that it's heavy and on google for $100. picture...
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    Grill grate work for keggle on fryer?

    The burner diameter is almost exactly the same as a keg. Makes the keg a little wobbly in a empty test. Would this grill grate work? It's pretty stable.
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    Best bang for the buck kettle?

    I've seen the threads talking about finding the cheapest pot possible. In other threads there's always someone who suggests getting a $300 one. I saw a boilermaker in person recently, they are pretty nice. So what kettle get's you the most on a budget, maybe in the $50-150 range? If I want...
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    Used kettle find, should I look into it more?

    I happen to be in the market for a 10 gallon kettle. Came across the one below for $25. Looks like it's seen a lot of action, think it could be worthwhile? My guess is it's a well used turkey fryer, more then likely a cheap thin one. Ad says it's 14x14"
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    airlock activity only 24 hours

    Using a washed wyeast 1028 london ale, my first wash with it so I guess we'd call that 2nd generation? Did a starter, usually like 48 hours but only did a 24 hour starter. Starter was showing nice activity and smelled great. Pitched at 63f, moved to basement laundry room that's low 60s...
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    Which of these coolers should I use?

    I want to turn one of my coolers into a mash tun. I already own two I could use, first is a 36qt with a little valley running through the middle. Thought with this one I could run a single steel braid through that valley. Doing a google image search I found another hbt thread on the same...
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    Does this look like a good kettle to go with?

    http://www.homebrewing.org/9-Gallon-Stainless-Steel-pot-with-one-weld_p_1683.html I'm looking for something a little bigger for 5 gallon boils. My 7.5 turkey fryer is a little tight for that, it's also a thin pos. Any other suggestions for something to look at? I really like the price on...
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    No more tracking numbers from Barley Crusher?

    The older posts talk about getting a tracking number right away. Looks like that's not the case anymore? How long did it take to get yours? I'm waiting on one to do my next batch.
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    How's the top of this Oktoberfest look?

    Here's an Oktoberfest after 29 days in primary, I planned on bottling tomorrow and bottle conditioning for a month. This is only my 7th beer and 2nd lager, I've never had one chunky looking on top so I thought I'd post a pic. I wanted to get a smell, apparently put my nose too deep into the...