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  1. Jban7

    Adding Sodium/potassium metabisulfite to gelatin

    Hey guys Has anyone ever added Sodium/potassium metabisulfite to gelatin as there adding to the keg to reduce oxygenated beer ? I know in theory it should work but I'm not sure if it will react in a negative way adding both together. Any thoughts? This would sure save a lot of hassle Cheers
  2. Jban7

    Oatmeal stout, Nottingham or Voss Kveik ??

    I have a question maybe some one has some experience on. currently i just kicked a keg of oatmeal stout from John Palmers brewing classic styles. it was so good that my wife for the first time asked how to "use the beer fridge". i really want to brew it again the week but i don't have any US 05...
  3. Jban7

    Over night mash

    So I have a direct question if you all don't mind. All the threads I have seen seem to go off topic to shorten a brew day. I am looking for specific experiences, positives and negatives on over night mashing. I have small kids and a stressed wife. So it's hard for me to get a full brew day in...
  4. Jban7

    Honey malt.!

    Hello every one ! First post on the website or any sort of forum for that mater. I have been brewing for just over a year now and am on my 10th all grain batch of beer. I could say I think I found my passion. My question is of all the research I have found on honey malt it quite fascinating and...