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    LaMotte BrewLab Plus

    So finaly, did you buy it?? The extra money for the ph meter worth it?, is good quality that ph meter? It comes with the buffer and storage solutions? So I am getting into controling my water so I will buy that kit but I dont know if it is better to buy the plus or the basic. I have 2 options...
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    Can Champagne yeast work as well as an ale yeast?

    A very good example is that It can be used is Leon by Omnipollo: https://www.ratebeer.com/beer/omnipollo-leon-belgian-style-pale-ale/139809/ ".....I set out to craft an ale that would act as companion throughout the evening. Leon is assertively hopped and fermented dry using champagne yeast...
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    Freeze-dried yogurt cultures for Berliner Weisse

    Also I think that this can be important as well: "....The YO-MIX™ range is divided into four categories: • YO-MIX™ Multi with: 100 series for yogurts and fermented milks composed of multiple lactic bacteria genus and species in addition to Strep- tococcus thermophilus. 200 series for yogurts and...
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    Freeze-dried yogurt cultures for Berliner Weisse

    I am going to make a Berliner Weisse but around here where I live it´s very very difficult to get some lacto strain specifically for beer. But I can get some yogurt cultures ( Danisco yogurt cultures) so I wanna give it a try. I have couple of conserns and questions involving what strain to use...
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    Water treatment problems- Chlorophenols

    I pitch at the recommended tempeture and I use a fermentation chamber with a stc1000 for maintaining the tempeture. I just try the new batch( the golden barley wine) and It was fine, no off flavors at all. I think that was the water. Since this batch I always treat the water that may touch the...
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    Water treatment problems- Chlorophenols

    The most problematic beer is a table saison using White labs WLP590 frech saison. 3 batches with the same yeast(reuse) and the same result even using a starter. But I also have issues with S-04 to.
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    Water treatment problems- Chlorophenols

    Thank´s a LOT. I will do it, and post how that turn out.
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    Water treatment problems- Chlorophenols

    NO, just happening with some pale beers(not all), I reuse my yeast, do you think that the yeast will carry this off flavor from beer to beer? Should I throw this "reuse" yeast and pitch a new one?
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    Water treatment problems- Chlorophenols

    Thanks for the reply, I will use your recomendation. I just brew a golden Barley Wine and threat all the water (in contact with the beer) and changue some rubber packaging to silicone. I will let you know if it turn right.
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    Water treatment problems- Chlorophenols

    Hello everyone, I need some help. I am having off flavors in my pale beers, is like a plastic weir taste. I think that is chlorophenols, but I really dont know what the real cause is, beacause I use sodium metabilsufite( powder) in my water( even tried using 2xrecomended quantity). Recently I...
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    Multiple sugar additions with refractometer

    I want to know my FG with a refractometer on a Beer with multiple sugar additions. Made a golden strong with just pilsner malt turn out 5 liters with OG 1.048. After 1 week fermenting I read in my refractometer 1.020 I use a formula to correct the reading so I think is 1.003 the real one. The...
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    WLP590 saison

    I will wait to taste this batch, but right now Im planing brew another batch. I want more lemony and peppery flavors and less banana. I want moderate flavors, not classic super funky saison type. Do you think that with the higher tempetures I will achive it?
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    WLP590 saison

    Its fine now, thanks. Just taste it before cold crash, tart and citric with banana aroma. but I also in the end I get a off flavor( dont exacly what it is) hope with carbonatation will pass What are your overall impressions and recomendations for this yeast?
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    Dual yeast blend for Duvel?

    How that experiment came up? I will try to do the same, yesterday I brew the same beer split in equal portions and use wlp570 and T-58. Just pilsner malt, I will and dextrose in an week. What do you think abut the 3 dosage of dextrose? what about the unusual fermntantion and lagering scheme?
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    WLP590 saison

    Brew a saison with this WLP590, OG->1.043. 7 days later I took a gravity and it was in 1.006!!!.I also notice a sulfur aroma. Anyone has also notice this sulfur aroma? Its very unusual, supposedly should be "clean", I dont know if could be because of the fast fermentation or because it was a...
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    Grey wort

    I just change my system to a BIABasket inside an aluminium pot. Yesterday I brew my first batch and something very unsual happend. The hot break has like a grey color. I try to scope out all. Finally I decided to not put any hops or yeast. I save my wort in a plastic bottle and the sediment...