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    Brewers Hardware Sanke Keg Fermenter Kit w/ Thermowell and Kegs

    Are the fermenter kits still available?
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    Oklahoma Only Brewers Group on the HBT!!!

    Hello all, I live in the OKC metro area and I have a 3 tier electric HERMS system I am trying to sell. It is made with Keggles using the plans at theelectricbrewery.com. If anyone is interested let me know and I'll be happy to send some pictures and answer questions. I can also meet/ deliver...
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    Cleaning Copper HERMS Coil

    Recently bought a HERMS e-brewery set up and had some questions about cleaning the HERMS coil. The coil is copper, and I am trying to get a solid answer on the best way to clean the inside of the coil. I have read vinegar, PBW, acid, etc. My main goal is to make sure no verdigris accumulates...
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    Food safe plastic barrels for fermentation vessels

    Thank you for the replies, I normally move from primary within 2ish weeks into sanke kegs for conditioning. I didn't think about the inside of them already being scratched so that is something I will try to look for beforehand. If they are scratched up and are too small to see I can always use...
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    Food safe plastic barrels for fermentation vessels

    Hello, I am looking at getting some more fermentation vessels for my setup so that I can have multiple beers fermenting or aging at once. I am currently in college with 3 roommates + whoever comes around on the weekends so we go through 10 gallons pretty quickly at our place. A local...
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    Oklahoma Only Brewers Group on the HBT!!!

    I just made a pretty big order of grains to take advantage of this stay at home order going on right now. I know many of the big companies have suspended their free shipping promotions due to current high demand, but I just ordered from "Great Fermentations" and they are still doing free...
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    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Yes! It turned out good. It still tasted a little green but that was to be expected. I have been tasting a little sample each day to see how it changes and it is definitely getting better with age but it worked perfectly for what I needed
  8. K

    Cream Ale Cream of Three Crops (Cream Ale)

    Would this work well for a fast turnaround beer using Nottingham? Trying to have something for an event in 2 weeks besides the Centennial blonde I have on tap. I would be kegging/force carbing
  9. K

    Force Carbing 11 Gallons

    So I brewed my first AG a little over a week ago and I am getting ready to keg it and carb it very soon (also first time kegging). I did BM's centennial blonde for my first because of all the recommendations on this site. However, I had a question regarding the force carbonation. I want to be...
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    Weissbier Bee Cave Brewery Bavarian Hefeweizen

    I know this thread is really old but how did this turn out using the 2 row?
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    Oklahoma Only Brewers Group on the HBT!!!

    Hello from Norman. New here and to homebrewing