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  1. rlmiller10

    May be a dumb question- is this yeast good for anything???

    Give it a try. I used sourdough starter for a beer and it made a very nice english ale. Later the brett started making it a sour but for th first few months it was a very nice english ale. That is the fun of home brewing, you spend $30 and get to try something cool
  2. rlmiller10

    Insane blow of on OG of 1.031?

    My thoughts would be you had all the right stuff: simple sugars, active, acclimated yeast, and warm temps. It all came together to give you a 12 hr fermentation.
  3. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    Perhaps the Pedio does not do as well as a Lacto. My sourdough bread is not as sour as many I have tasted. But there is both Pedio and Lacto, just more Pedio.
  4. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    Although the initial post was April, I had brewed this on Jan 19 so would have bottled in early Feb. As of April it was not showing sour notes but was by June so about 3 to 4 months of stable flavor before the Pedio really started to show up.
  5. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    The final results are in. The analysis of my sourdough is Yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain 1) 72.57% Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain 2) 27.03% Kazachstania humilis (strain 6) 0.23% Kazachstania unispora (strain 1) 0.18% Bacteria Pediococcus sp.1 93.30% Lactobacillus sp.7 4.79%...
  6. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    The above are the yeast. The other bugs are still to be analyzed. I started the starter from a sour dough starter packet I purchased at a food co-op 17 years ago. The packet was a powder that was added to water and flour. I assume it has evolved over the years and yeasts that do well in my...
  7. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    Sent my sour dough off to the Sourdough Starter Project at Ron Dunn Labs and the results are Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain 1) 72.57% Saccharomyces cerevisiae (strain 2) 27.03% Kazachstania humilis (strain 6) 0.23% Kazachstania unispora (strain 1) 0.18% So now I know at least some of the...
  8. rlmiller10

    My lovely 130° weather :) (best yeast options)

    Are you around to babysit if for the first 5 days or so? If so a tub of water and some ice. The more water the better as it prevents those temp swings you are worried about. Put the fermenter in the water and add ice as necessary to keep the temp in the band you want. you could also build...
  9. rlmiller10

    wild grapes

    So you are sure that white powder was not left by the birds? Unless we have a botanist that has studied grapes among us, it is a guess as to what the white powder is. That makes it hard to have an opinion. But glad to see you went forward, experimentation is at least part of why most of us...
  10. rlmiller10

    Explosive christmas ale

    18 C is perfect for US-05. I set my temp controller for 18 or 18.5 C at the start of fermentation and then move it up 20 for the last week
  11. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    Sorry to take so long to get this updated. The beer came off fine. Actually had better attenuation than the same beer brewed with US-05, finished at 1.009. My perception of the flavor was that this was an English beer. It has the same esters as an English brown when it was first bottled...
  12. rlmiller10

    Sour dough starter for yeast

    Decided to do an experiment. I brewed a small batch (3 gal) of my winter pale ale but used 2 cups of sour dough starter for the yeast pitch. 3 lbs Pale Malt, Maris Otter (3.0 SRM) Grain 1 45.5 % 1 lbs 12.8 oz Vienna Malt (3.5 SRM) Grain 2 27.3 % 1 lbs 3.2 oz Munich Malt (9.0 SRM) Grain...
  13. rlmiller10

    Concrete Roller Mill

    I suspect it will depend on the quality and the pour/finish quality of your concrete. I would not worry about it grinding off as much as the surface flaking or crumbling due to imperfections. If you have a high quality roller I would think any contamination on a per batch basis would be very...
  14. rlmiller10

    Is this infected?

    Looks normal. That is exactly what Nottingham always looks like for me.
  15. rlmiller10

    Cold crashing and Viable yeast

    Listen to Yooper. If you learn nothing else today it should be to listen to Yooper when it comes to brewing questions. Yes, you will be fine but as you have only been in primary for 7 days I would recommend you wait another 7 days before cold crashing. Your yeast has gobbled up all the...
  16. rlmiller10

    Think I buggered my yeast, should I add more?

    If you are getting bubbles then relax. If you are really worried pull a sample and check to see that gravity is dropping. But I would not do that as long as I see some activity. Some yeast do not produce lots of visible sign such a krausen. And lower the temps if you can. 77 is going to...
  17. rlmiller10

    Air in Fermenter

    CO2 is heavier than air so unless you were stirring it up there should have had a layer of CO2 remaining on the beer. Adding some CO2 will not hurt if you have it but should not be necessary.
  18. rlmiller10

    Yeast that doesn't need a blow-off tube

    Nottingham will slow down if you lower the temp to 58. I love Notty so use it a lot. I ferment 4.2 gal batches in 5 gal carboys. Still needs a blow off, but never had a blow out.
  19. rlmiller10

    Brown ale fermentation, temp too cold?

    If you can set it in a tub of water it will help regulate the heat. The thermal mass will slow any temp swings. It will also allow you to put in warm water bottles or ice bottles to try and keep an even 64 degrees or so depending on the yeast strain used. For brown ales I like to used...
  20. rlmiller10

    Gravity still dropping after 3 weeks

    You could always rack to a secondary to get it off the hops and yeast cake. Then just watch it for a couple of weeks to see if a pellicle forms. To avoid oxidation you will want to minimize taking gravities, but in a couple of weeks try again.