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  1. rlmiller10

    questions about re-using yeast

    Although I am not sure with cider, with beer you would be seriously over pitching to use an entire yeast cake. Some experiments have shown a difference in flavor with over pitching. Your taste buds get to tell is that difference is good or bad. As for continuing to grow, yes, each new batch...
  2. rlmiller10

    Whirlfloc question.

    If you stop using it you will find it much harder to get a nice clear beer. With all the protein still in the finished beer you will end up with protein haze. I have never noticed a taste difference but defiantly a visual one.
  3. rlmiller10

    Whirlfloc question.

    What you are seeing is the hot break and cold break material. Don't worry about it, just let it go into the fermenter. Although it looks like a lot, it is protein which will compact in the bottom of the fermenter to almost nothing. It will not affect you saving the yeast
  4. rlmiller10

    Muddy Creek Brewery: Hot Break!

    Great to see you back. That is quite the upgrade. We just started doing some work for a Butte client so perhaps I can get up that way in the near future. Wondering how many people are old enough to remember Big Johnson.
  5. rlmiller10

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    When you have 8 carboys and still have to freeze the grape harvest rather than start wine because all carboys are full.
  6. rlmiller10

    Most annoying response when you tell someone you're a homebrewer?

    In a good way. Please give me more mistress
  7. rlmiller10

    The most expensive way to Homebrew

    How is the recipe input? is there a download from BeerSmith? What do you do for a day job? Serious process engineering on display.
  8. rlmiller10

    Average age of home brewers......

    My wife's as well
  9. rlmiller10

    2 years in the Primary.

    No, do not drink it, totally unsafe. Send all bottles to me for disposal and I really want to try something like that.
  10. rlmiller10

    Cali Wilfires and Hops Crops

    Do you know if the Schultz museum and Snoopy's home Ice made it? My daughter skated there this summer and has been asking.
  11. rlmiller10

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    gives nut brown ale a whole new meaning
  12. rlmiller10

    You know you're a home brewer when?

    start appearing? You know you are a home brewer when you clean out walmart on rubbermaid tubs
  13. rlmiller10

    What's your profession?

    There are a lot of very smart people that brew.
  14. rlmiller10

    What's your profession?

    Director of EAM consulting... which really means I teach, consult, staff, listen to problems, occasionally solve problems, and don't brew enough Previously - maintenance manager at a oat plant, system engineer at a nuclear plant, Navy nuclear officer, bartender, dishwasher, butchers assistant...
  15. rlmiller10

    Don't Do That.

    And bleme for the win with the most brutal story of the week. ouch
  16. rlmiller10

    Don't Do That.

    Good point. the pressure at my tap is usually about 40 psi. So if you had a keg connected directly to the water line you would need 40+ psi to get CO2 into the water. Otherwise water would be forced into the CO2 line. When the lawn watering system starts and the tap pressure drops to 30...
  17. rlmiller10

    Don't Do That.

    That would be the solution, just make sure it is a good one rated for whatever pressure differential you expect based on CO2 pressure used.
  18. rlmiller10

    Don't Do That.

    Until you lose water pressure and feed carbed water and then your CO2 tank contents back into the water lines.
  19. rlmiller10

    How to stop teenagers begging for beers

    50 is not advanced years. Just old enough to no longer make a fool or yourself very often and hitting your stride in life....with the occasional limp