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    New York Celis & Deschutes Pint glasses for sale

    I recently moved and wanted to get rid of extra stuff. Deschutes Brewery pint (2) - $8 for both Celis Belgian Style pint (2) - $10 for both Reasonable Fedex shipping ($7-10 depending on location), I will be shipping from work and get a discount. I sold glasses here before and everyone...
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    New York FREE Party Pig

    Brooklyn, NY, 11235 (Sheepshead Bay) or can take it to work and you meet me in Manhattan (10010 - 1 Madison Avenue). Only this week, local only, no shipments. PM your phone number.
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    Downtown SF places to try Russian River?

    I will be in SF this weekend and staying in Downtown on O'Farrel St. Can anyone recommend some places that are in the area where I can get to try my very first RR. I am primarily interested in trying sours first and foremost but I would not hesitate to try Pliny either. :tank:
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    Making 2nd Apfelwein and want less winey taste

    Here is the background story. I tried my first apfelwein after I traded 3 bottles from HBT member. I split one at work between a few people, drank one at home by myself and gave away the last bottle to a friend. Today is 3 months since I made my own batch. I followed original Edwort's recipe...
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    Lambic early months fermentation during summer

    I will be brewing my first lambic (WY Lambic Blend) in late May and summers in NY can get upto 100F. My apartment gets pretty hot and I have a few brewing options. I can keep it in a cooler and maintain lower end of the temp range or leave it at room temp (70+) to excite bugs more. If I could...
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    Lambic questions

    1) What would be the earliest you would add fruit? 2) What is the lowest amount of time you would sit on the fruit? My dilemma is that I have 1 glass 6.5g & 1 glass 5g, the rest are plastic. If I do primary in 6.5g and than move to 5g I will not have room to add the fruit. If I add it to...
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    Away from home during fermentation, what yeast to use in case of spike in temp.

    I will be away in May. I want to brew something before I leave and let it ferment at room temperature. My choices are to use one of the following yeasts: 1) Lambic blend - says it can go upto 75F, if it goes over it and primary fermentation is over - will there be any issues? 2)...
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    Tower stopped delivering beer

    So I have a 2 tap tower for 2 years now and this is the second time I come across this problem. The first time was about a month ago on tap #2. All of a sudden it would not deliver the beer when the tap was pulled down. I thought I fixed it by untying the rubber band that was holding tap #2...
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    Apfelwein yeast dilemma

    So here is my situation. I have 4 gallons of AJ + 1 gallon of Pomegranate juice + sugar but no wine yeast. I want to make another batch of Apfelwein (my 2nd, first one not ready for prime time) and it will be a while before I order new supplies from OHBS. I stopped by LHBS last week but they...
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    NYC American Craft Beer Festival - 3/3

    http://nyccraftbeerfest.com/featuredbeers Who is going?
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    Lambic + 6 lbs of Cherry Puree in 5 gallon vessel?

    I want to do a Lambic and add cherries 9 months later. How much space should I allocate for the addition of the fruit? What it be wise to siphon off 1 gallon of 9 months Lambic and move it into 1 gallon. After 6 months on the fruit I can add 1 gallon of fresh wort and let it sit for 3 months...
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    What is the dormancy temperature for acetobacter?

    One of my last batches (Lemongrass Wheat) had a little bit of acetobacter infection when I moved one of my primaries for bottling & loosened up the lid. It was only for 2 days and then I racked it to a keg, purged with co2 and put in the kegerator and kept pressurized. Today I tasted it and...
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    Father is a lager drinker, thinks home brewing is stupid

    So my father and his friends are only into lagers. They like stuff like Grolsch, Becks, Dos Equis, Modello, Paulaner, Pilsner Urquell, etc. Since getting into home brewing I cant stand those kinds of beers. They taste empty to me, no flavor, no body, no nothing. I want to expand his...
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    Capping Belgian 750ml bottles?

    While sitting on the throne and glancing thru Williams Brewing catalog I came across these: 29/31MM NEWER EMILY/BENCH CAPPER CRIMPING CUP @ Williams Brewing 29/31MM OLDER BENCH CAPPER/EMILY CRIMPING CUP @ Williams Brewing Does anyone have any experience with this? I have empty...
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    Wort is weirdly cloudy - milk in coffee / tea like

    I made a Tripel IPA over a week ago. I racked 1.078 wort on existing cake of Belgian Ardennes yeast. The fermentation took off like a beast within 12 hours and I had krausen nearly touching the neck of a 6.5g carboy. 2 things that I noticed. When using LME the wort had more particles...
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    Cost of Surly Darkness / Smoke?

    I have someone that can get me 2 bottles of Darkness but says its $25/each. Are they really this expensive @ retail?
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    What kind of bugs are inside Jolly Pumpkin?

    Do all of their beers use the same cultures? I am guessing its more of Lacto / Pedio than Brett?
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    Cognac / brandy in beer

    I was reading about NB Bourbon Barrel Porter here and reviews on their site. Some experiment with different brand / amount of bourbon. While others add vanilla. I've seen someone add rum. Have anyone tried any beer with cognac or brandy?
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    1.5L glass vessel + 1.3L grape juice + dregz bugz?

    Would this work?
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    Sours in Coopers fermentor

    I have 2 of these bad boys and want to convert at least one to using for sours. They are known for not having a tight lid and I am used to no bubbles in the airlock for most of the batches. Since I know that gases get out I am sure there is a lot more oxygen coming in as well. I've read that...