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    10 Beers Under $.50 a Beer!

    More beer has a list of 10 beers for bargain prices. The price includes the yeast! Anyone brew these and what is your opinion. I am thinking I may try a couple. thanks, Mike
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    Where can I drill holes into my fridge?

    I have built a collar extension for my dorm fridge. Its a pretty good fit but I would like to prevent it from moving by putting a couple of screws into the fridge wall. This would be from the outside and within one inch of the vertical leading edges. If I do this will I hit anything - like coils?
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    Dorm Fridge Doesn't Cool Keg Space

    My one year old fridge did a great job keeping bottles cold. So I have recently expanded the dorm size fridge to make space for kegs. I took the door off and added a section the width of the fridge (~19") and 21" long. Not quite finished but sealed enough to test. Anyway the temperature gets...
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    How long will warm kegged beer keep ?

    So I am new to kegging. Just picked up my system. Don't have a cooler all figured out but it is coming. I thought that I could use corn sugar to prime my latest batch that has been in fermenter for two weeks. Then after it was fully conditioned in the keg (say in 4 to 6 weeks at room...
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    Kraeusening - Or Conditioning WO Sugar

    I have always used corn sugar to get the little bit of fizz in my beer. It has always worked - I never have a problem. But recently I was rereading my "New Joy of Home Brewing". It's probably 20 years old. But Charlie was describing Kraeusening. It seems that if I just hold back a quart or...
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    Advice when mashing with wheat?

    Here is the recipe: Batch size 5.5 gallons 6lbs German Pilsner malt 4.5lbs American Wheat Malt 1.5lbs Munich Malt 0.75oz Tettnanger hop pellets (60min) 0.25oz Cascade hop pellets (20 min) Fermented with WLP051 (California common V) I have never mashed with wheat. Any advice on...
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    A good morning to brew in CT

    I am glad for the cool morning breeze after the heat of the previous week. I got up early to start brewing my Porter at about 5:30 am. Hope to be done by 11. The recipe is: 10 lbs Crisp MO 0.5 lb 120 crystal 0.5 lb black patent 0.5 lb brown malt. 0.5 lb choc malt. The mash is almost...
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    Worth a look - some of these are new to me..

    http://bitchbeer.org/2012/06/14/10-things-you-may-not-have-known-about-beer/ Mike
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    What to expect from Rye Malt ?

    First time experimenting with rye malt addition. I have added 1/2 pound to my 11 pound grist. Hit all my numbers and generally happy with this batch. But after tasting the fermented wort it seems a bit sweeter than normal. So those that have used rye malt additions before. Does it add a...
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    Does anybody use SAF Ale S-33 Yeast ?

    I see it is a bit cheaper than US-05, 04. Given that it comes from Fermentis I guess it is good quality. Thanks for the comments...Mike
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    Hops for EF Porter

    Planning on brewing my first batch of EF Porter this weekend. I will have to buy the complete grain bill and a packet of Safale-04. But I am wondering if the hops I have on hand would be suitable. I have plenty of Magnum, Centennial and Cascade. Any ideas how these might work? Thanks, Mike
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    Good brew day

    You know its nice when things go well. Today I put together a batch of amber ale. Its chilling on the stove now. Recipe is 9# of base malt, 1# of 60 crystal, 1# of carapils and 1 # of victory. Hops are 1.25 oz centennial for 60 minutes, 1 oz cascade for 20 minutes and 0.5 oz of...
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    Mash Paddle Food Safe Finish

    What do folks use on the mash paddle to preserve the wood yet be safe?
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    Growlers for Long Term Storage

    I would like to use growlers to bring beer to holiday partys. I don't have a kegging system to fill growlers with. But I see that therie are many high quality bottles with attached ceramic caps. One place I see these is Annapolis Home Brew Supply. I wonder if I could just use these to...
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    How long do you take to brew a batch?

    I started about 8:30 this morning. Brewed one batch of all grain ale. Done at 1:30. That includes a 75 minute mash, about a 30 minute sparge and a 1 hour boil. My wort chiller takes almost an hour to bring the boiled wort down into the 70s. Also getting out all the gear from the...
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    Avvinatore problems

    So I just received my avvinatore today from Annapolis Brew Supplies. I was glad to get it cuz I am bottleing this weekend. I am pretty sure I put it togehter correctly. I went by the pictoral on the side of the carton. I pumped it a few times with water and it works....But - I am sure the...
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    Growlers to move beer.

    I am on vacation this week at Cape Cod. Of course I had to do the tour at the Cape Cod brewing Co. From what I can tell they make home-brew just like we do. We left with a growler of Red Ale. What impressed me is that the beer they sell comes in a a half gallon jug with a screw on top. I...
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    How much propane per brew

    I currently use the kitchen stove for brewing. It is ok but I am considering a propane burner for faster boils. I have heard that the amount of propane per brew is significant. So my question is "how often do you fill your 20 lb propane tank"? thaks, Mike
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    Compare Hops - Centennial, Magnum, Northern Brewer

    I currently use one ounce of Centennial to bitter my amber ale. I have brewed 5 or more batches the same way. I use it with Cascade for flavor and aroma. I like it but I am thinking of trying another hops for bitter and some choices I have heard about are Magnum and Norther Brewer. I...
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    Gingered Ale ?

    I was reading in my "Joy of Homebrew" last night about an ale with an addition of Ginger root. It sounds like it might be popular around the holidays. I wonder if anyone has brew this variation? thanks, Mike