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    What tips or rules of thumb do brewers have using homegrown hops?

    Hi all, I'm about to use my very small quantity of first-year homegrown hops in a recipe, and I was wondering what kinds of adjustments brewers normally make when using homegrown. Are they generally hoppier or less hoppy than commercial versions? Better for dry hopping? Worse? My hops...
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    Still a good time to plant hops in Boston?

    Hi all, I finally have a yard, and want to plant some hop rhizomes, but am worried that I missed the best time to plant them. Here in Boston our last frost was probably at least three weeks ago (although, randomly, after over a week of 70+ weather we may go down to 35 tonight). Will it still be...
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    How long to boil hops for this ale/IPA?

    Hi all, I went to my LHBS the other day to get ingredients for my second beer. I told him that I was looking for something in the style of a Victory Hop Devil, which I find to have a lot of really good hops taste, and yet not super bitter like some IPAs. Here are the ingredients I walked...
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    Over two weeks with no activity, high FG, slight sour taste... will it be ok?

    Hi all, So I brewed my first beer about three weeks ago (and posted the recipe I used back then). It was a Irish Stout from a Brewers Best kit. The OG was 1.05, and after a day of clear fermentation, it seemed to stop dead. Two days later, I took a gravity reading. 1.02. A week after that...
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    Should I pitch more yeast? (a.k.a. why is pitching more yeast considered bad?)

    First, my specifics, second the more philosophical question: I'm brewing my first (well, second, but first was 10 years ago) beer, a stout that I already had a couple questions about earlier. My OG was 1.05. 12 hours after I started I started getting some nice bubbles. 36 hours after it...
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    Keeping oatmeal stout from being too sweet

    Hi all, This is my first post here. I've just brewed up my first batch, using the 5 gallon Brewers Best kit. My question is almost certainly a recipe question, so I should have almost certainly asked it before I brewed the batch... :o No matter, I'll save the advice for next time. I made...