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    Picobrew Z2

    I have a Picobrew Z2 that I purchased about six months ago. I bought it so that I would have an option to brew indoors. But I have since really slow down on brewing beer lately and barely use it. It works excellent and have had no issues. Also very surprisingly customer support for these things...
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    Pico Z2 $3,000

    I’ve used this twice, it is a great machine, I am just realizing I more comfortable brewing my old way. Absolutely nothing wrong with the machine and comes with all accessories including two kegs. Will brew up to 5 gallons at a time. I got a deep discount on this for being an early bird order...
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    A "crappy" situation

    So, there I was, Friday night, milling away all my grains for a ten gallon batch of a Leffe blonde clone. So excited because it was my first ten gallon batch and I was going to test the actual capacity of my ten gallon mash tun. So after milling the grains, it became evident that all 23lbs of...
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    My DFH 120 clone Experience!

    Well guys I brewed this monster on Saturday. To give credit, the recipe is based on ThatGuyRyan's version of the clone. It uses the 12 oz of hops during the 120 min boil and then will use 6 additional ounces of dry hopping later. I ended up getting right at 1.098 OG at 5.75 gallons (recipe...
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    Ten gallon igloo false bottom question

    Hey all, for anyone out there with the ten gallon igloo with the false bottom...(bought mine from "Adventures in Hombrewing"), I noticed that the fittings come undone quite easily and will cause a stuck sparge if hit too hard during mixing. It should be an easy fix by putting a nut on the other...
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    Coffee stout recipe?

    Hey all this is my first attempt at a somewhat custom recipe. I wouldnt actually say its mine because its close to others lb oz 6 8 Maris Otter Malt (Thomas Fawcett) info 37 3 ~ 1 8 Oats, Flaked info 37 1 ~ 1 0 Milk Sugar (Lactose) info 35 0 ~ 0...
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    Backsweeten stout?

    Hey guys. So I brewed a recipe on here. It was a Russian Imperial Stout, won first place in HBT competition. So I decided to give it a shot. The OG stated about 1.095, I got 1.100, so not too bad. The FG of the recipe was around 1.028. So I thought it would be a nice strong slightly sweet...
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    yeast starter WL0002

    Hey guys, I will be brewing a russial imperial stout this weekend and made a starter yesterday. I used 1 cup of DME and 2 pinches of yeast nutrient that came with the starter kit. Added this to 1800ml of water and boiled for 15 mins. Cooled it to 75 and pitched the yeast, which was arould 72...
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    2nd all grain and first stuck sparge!

    Hey guys, well Im guessing it was beginners luck on the first batch, because the second batch went down hill quick! To start, it was a saison all grain kit from Homebrewersoutpost.com I have the 10 gallon mash tun from homebrewing.org. It has the false bottom with a detachable tube and...
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    Watnees Cream Stout

    Ok, this is my first all grain batch of brew. And my third overall batch. So considering, everything went ok! I started off with the 1.25 quarts per lb of grain for the strike. Which seemed a tad too little but it worked out. Being a bit cold today I heated the water to 175 and then poured...
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    Adding choclate to imperial stout kit

    Hey guys. I searched for this but found nothing. So just point me in the right direction if theres already something on this. I have an imperial stout extract kit that Im brewing this weekend. I was thinking of adding some choclate in some form to the brew to make it a choclate stout. I...
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    Very first brew!

    Hey all, I just wanted to share about my first brew day. I got an all-grain starter kit for Xmas, but decided to get a few extract kits under my belt first. So, I started with Brewers best Holiday Ale. I did a full boil on this kit. As per research I started off with around 6.25 gallons of...
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    5 gal carboys

    Hey all, Ill be brewing my first 5 gallon extract batch soon and was wondering what size carboy to use? My grandfather had 9 5 gallon carboys left from wine making. He since passed and I was thinking great for secorndaries! But if Im doing 5 gallon batches+fermentation space, would they be ok...
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    First cider, in process!

    Hey guys, I made a rookie mistake doing this the other day. The mix was 2.5 gallons "Country Acres" apple cider (<1% Potassium sorbate). That was the main mistake, but moving on. I also added 3 lbs honey and 1 lb of brown sugar. Probably overkill but maybe I can cold crash and get a sweeter...