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    Dorm Fridge Doesn't Cool Keg Space

    Thanks for all the help. I have resolved this issue with more insulation and a smaller interior space. I can now get my keg down to 33 F typically. Compressor does not seem to be working more than before the mod. thanks, Mike
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    10 Beers Under $.50 a Beer!

    I did get free shipping. And I think it took ten days +/-. I am able to plan my batches so that 10 days is not an issue. I now have my fermenter brewing and the beer will take another 2 weeks. By then I expect to have a couple of more kits delivered from More beer. Last time I bought...
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    10 Beers Under $.50 a Beer!

    My last two kits were from Morebeer. I have brewed both but not tasted either. They are still aging. But I felt the ingredients and organization were good. Both hit OG and then some. Both kits were about $30 without yeast. But I will give one or two of the economy kits a try.
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    10 Beers Under $.50 a Beer!

    More beer has a list of 10 beers for bargain prices. The price includes the yeast! Anyone brew these and what is your opinion. I am thinking I may try a couple. thanks, Mike
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    Sanitizing Kegging System: How far do you go?

    I am no expert with three batches kegged. But I have sanitized my kegs between every batch. I usually do this with a gallon (or two) of sanitizer solution in the keg. I vigorously shake the sealed keg with the solution inside. Then I use my CO2 to drive the sanitizer solution through the...
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    Too Dark and High OG

    This is the first I have heard of not boiling all of LME for the one hour duration. Can you reference me to directions to boil less than 100% of LME?
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    DME to Grain conversion

    I believe that DME yields 45 points and grain can yield 36 points. But grain has an mash efficiency factor that you could assume is 75%. That brings grain down to 27. So 5 X 45 = 230. And 230 / 27 = 8.3. I am sure others will jump in and check my figures. Good luck, Mike
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    Where can I drill holes into my fridge?

    Agreed on the coils in top and sides. These areas are warm during operation. I am going to put two little holes on each side in upper and lower corners. I think this will be safe. Good news is the kegerator will not completely finished - (needs tap and paint) is keeping keg at 38 F. So...
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    Where can I drill holes into my fridge?

    Wow, that's great...thanks, Mike
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    Where can I drill holes into my fridge?

    In this case the door is off. So I have the empty box that I want to attach to. So I would like to drill into the edge of the box where the door would normally attach and then on the other side of the box next to the outter most edge. thanks, Mike
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    Where can I drill holes into my fridge?

    I have built a collar extension for my dorm fridge. Its a pretty good fit but I would like to prevent it from moving by putting a couple of screws into the fridge wall. This would be from the outside and within one inch of the vertical leading edges. If I do this will I hit anything - like coils?
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    Dorm Fridge Doesn't Cool Keg Space

    I ran it for a couple of hours and the lowest it would go was 53F. The compressor got pretty hot. But I am interested in your comments about being able to cool this size space. Ideally I will get this to work without reducing the size.
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    Dorm Fridge Doesn't Cool Keg Space

    My one year old fridge did a great job keeping bottles cold. So I have recently expanded the dorm size fridge to make space for kegs. I took the door off and added a section the width of the fridge (~19") and 21" long. Not quite finished but sealed enough to test. Anyway the temperature gets...
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    How long will warm kegged beer keep ?

    Thanks for the insight. I will follow this advice and am confident that my beer will not spoil...Mike
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    How long will warm kegged beer keep ?

    So I am new to kegging. Just picked up my system. Don't have a cooler all figured out but it is coming. I thought that I could use corn sugar to prime my latest batch that has been in fermenter for two weeks. Then after it was fully conditioned in the keg (say in 4 to 6 weeks at room...
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    Can't I just use a grain bag in a cooler?

    I have a mash tun built from 5 gallon round cooler. It has a hard copper filter in the bottom. But I always use a bag inside for my grain. Previous to this I would occasionally get a stuck sparge. With the bag as a liner and doing more than 12 brews since I have never been stuck.
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    Does anyone else think Sam Adam's beer sucks

    Except for a couple of fruit based beers - SA is tops. Also love their web site and the bottle labels come off easy. When I want commercial beer they are on the list.
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    Setting up brewing from grain

    Of course the post above is correct. But the most important thing is to think through and understand the process. There is a lot of info on youtube. Also there is more than one way to brew beer. Two main methods are with a Mash Tun but also BIAB is popular. If you spend a couple of weeks...
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    Kraeusening - Or Conditioning WO Sugar

    I have always used corn sugar to get the little bit of fizz in my beer. It has always worked - I never have a problem. But recently I was rereading my "New Joy of Home Brewing". It's probably 20 years old. But Charlie was describing Kraeusening. It seems that if I just hold back a quart or...
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    Questions about Bucket as Primary (and no secondary)

    I see almost no reason to open the fermenter lid. After a few years of home-brewing I have never had a stuck fermentation. (Hope this is not the jinx). I usually see bubbles in one day. Then I let the wort sit for two or three weeks. It is always done. Before bottling I take a reading for...