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    Breathing StarSan from spray bottle

    Hi HBT I was making a Christmas mead today and as usual I had StarSan handy in a spray bottle to kill nasties. I was in my rather small kitchen and after a while I could feel something irritating my throat / lungs. I knew it was the mist from the StarSan bottle. All of a sudden it hit me that...
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    How long will kegged seltzer keep?

    Hi HBT! How long will tap water carbonated in a keg keep at 3.5C? The tap water in my country is considered sterile according to my government. Thanks for your input in advance. I'm kind of in the deep end here as I usually brew beer.
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    Do I need some type of o-ring for this flare swivel nut?

    Hi HBT! I recently purchased a flare swivel nut to screw onto the connector side of my keg so I can connect a hose to the gas side. My question is this: do I need an o-ring to ensure a seal? I can't seem to attach a picture of it to this post so the link is here...
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    Cleaning the Grainfather (Counter Flow Chiller) CFC after a long hiatus

    Hi all! I have had a grainfather for a while now but have had a brewing hiatus. I find it hard to fully drain the CFC free of water. I picked up the CFC yesteday and realized that it had not drained completely, meaning that there has been water inside it or two or three months. My normal...
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    How do I ferment warm when using kveik yeast?

    Hi HBT! I am quite interested in trying out kveik yeast. It seems to be all the rage. I've read that you should ferment them warm (18 C and up to 39 C or so). My question is this: Normally we want to keep the temperature of the fermentation vessel down - for this I have a temperature controlled...
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    Are my beer lines still OK to use?

    Hi everyone! I have a kegerator and I have not cleaned the beer lines for around 1.5 months. The lines have had either CO2, beer or a mixture of the two inside the entire time (no air) and have been refrigerated at 3.5C (no room temperature). I was wondering whether I can still use the lines if...
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    Taste-wise, is it too early to keg my stout?

    Hi all. 15 days ago I brewed a stout with Nottingham Ale yeast. I am hosting a St. Patricks day-themed party on Sunday so this would be kegged friday night, and was wondering whether it would be ready taste-wise? I have more experience with lower ABV beers with a quicker turnaround time, but I...
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    I doughed in at the wrong temperature.. Did i mess up my mash completely?

    Hi HBT. I brewed a stout yesterday and everything was going great. I warmed my strike water to 68C and started doughing in. around 1/3 of the way through the malt, I realized that my temperature should have been higher (76C to be exact). So i turned up the heat and within 4-5 minutes I was at...
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    Do you disassemble corny post poppets when cleaning?

    Hi guys. I am a bit in doubt as to whether i should fully disassemble my corny posts when cleaning my keg. I'm thinking some hop gunk / yeast could be hiding but I cant seem to find a non-destructive way to take out the poppets in the posts. What do you guys do? Is it enough to pump some PBW...
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    Is brass for sparge water ball valve a problem?

    Hi all. I read basically everywhere that i should use stainless steel for everything in my brew setup (brewing parts + keg). I have done this so far. I now want to install a ball valve in my second kettle which i will dedicate to heating sparge water. My question is whether this ball valve and...
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    Is my Apple cider safe to drink?

    I fermented a cider around six months ago that was left in the bucket with fruit in it. When I opened the bucket it looked like the attached fotos. Is it safe to drink? I'm particularly thinking about the white-ish specks.. i tried tasting and it tasted ok.. Thanks in advance!
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    Is my dry stout too "simple"?

    Hi all. I recently put together a keg setup and thus revived my beer brewing motivation for the first time in 3.5 years - great! I'm almost through the first keg and I'm looking to brew a quick turn around beer. I like roasty beers so the dry stout seemed like an obvious choice (roast to mask...
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    Did kegging revive your desire to brew?

    Hi all. I am in serious considerations about investing in kegging, but I'm having some thoughts about it. I have been brewing on and off for six or seven gears, making cider, wine, mead and beer. I had the most fun making beer as I really love designing beers and seeing how my recipe pans out...
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    Did I mess up my cider with a too high fermentation temperature?

    Hi everyone I've had a long break from making cider and beer and I'm slowly easing my way back into it. On Friday I made 28 liters of apple cider and it kicked off great. Bubbling away. The reason I'm posting is that I want to ask for your advice regarding fermentation temperatures. I have the...
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    I forgot apple cider in water bottles.. Is it safe to drink?

    Hi HBT. Around two months ago, I decided to do a quick test batch of some cider made from store-bought apple juice. I usually ferment in either glass carboys or plastic buckets made for the purpose, but this time I just couldn't be bothered since it was only a 3 liter batch, so I fermented in...
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    Longevity of uncrushed specialty grains

    Hi HBT. I have seen similar posts to this, but they have usually concerned longevity of base malt. I am in a situation where I have some uncrushed specialty grains (crystal, chocolate, black patent) left from my last batch which I brewed a little over a year ago. I am about to order some...
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    Feedback on first Belgian Triple

    Hi all. I am about to brew a belgian triple and I am ordering the ingredients soon. Here's what I have so far: Pilsner 83.4% Caramunich 1.6% Table sugar 14,5% Hallertauer Mittelfruh 29.5 IBUs @ 60 mins Saaz 0.5 IBU @ 3 mins Yeast: Wyeast Labs #1214 Stats: Est. O.G 1.079 Est. F.G...
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    American Pale Ale with Galaxy not tasting as expected

    Hi HBT. A while ago I brewed an APA with galaxy hops. I was quite excited when I ordered the hops for the batch, since I read on BYO that it had the following profile: "When used as a late addition or dry hopped, it contributes a pungent flavor of passionfruit and citrus." So I thought...
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    Making a cider with base malt for sweetness

    Hi HBT. I've been wanting to make a cider for a while and today an idea struck me. Iøve been reading up on making cider with ale yeast (the only yeast I've currently got in stock is S-04 and US-05) , and a common problem seemed to be that when using an ale yeast such as S-04 and US-05, the...
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    Using crystal 30L for american styled porter?

    Hi guys. I'm doing a clean-up brew and I have Maris Otter, crystal 30L, chocolate malt available to me. I want to brew an american styled porter, but I am unsure whether crystal 30L will give it enough character, compared to 60L. Should I simply use more than when using 60L? Or will the 30L be...