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    Pectin Haze & Mead - Your Thoughts Please

    Hey All I just published an article on my site regarding pectin haze and mead. You can read it here if you wish. http://hivemindmead.com/curious-case-pectin-haze-mead/ However the main reason I'm posting, is I'd like to get your feedback on YOUR experiences with pectin haze in your...
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    Wild Funky, and Sour Meads {Book} - Community Survey

    Hey Everyone, in case you haven't heard, I recently announced a book I'm writing about Wild Meads (sour / lambic style etc). Here's a link to the announcement: https://www.reddit.com/r/mead/comments/5guxtn/book_announcement_wild_mead_making_sour_and_funky/ I created a brief 8 question...
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    Bottling, then using those bottles later for regular beer?

    Hey folks. Going to go ahead and bottle a sour brown that is rapidly approaching 2 years on the dregs. Obviously I'm going to re-yeast is but my question is about the bottles. After brewing for a wedding, my supply of bottles took a critical hit, and only have about 50 on hand. Good for a...
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    Let's all talk about fishing. Anybody do it? I just picked it back up last year and it's got me pretty hooked. Fishing and Brewing are my two top hobbies at the moment. Here's one of my biggest catches from last year. I know, it's not that big.
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    How Many Gallons of Mead 2016 Edition!

    Use Vex's Thread https://www.homebrewtalk.com/showthread.php?t=567641
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    I Just Got the Death Sentence? What next?

    Hey everyone. Just got the call yesterday on some blood work and I am in fact... Allergic to Gluten. I'll know more details when some other biopsies and blood work come back but the fact is. No more gluten. What are some of your guys' tips for making gluten free beer, ingredients, process...
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    Free Pet portraits

    Hey fellow brewers, I recently added a new service to my side project Draw All the Pets, and I was wondering if anyone wanted their pet drawn. I figured I'd offer it here, as the community is good, and it will help build up a few more work samples. I know you all have dog hair in your beer...
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    Bacon Fat Bandaged Cheese

    Saw an article on instructables about bandaging a cheese with bacon fat. Anyone try this? http://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Bandage-Wrap-Cheese/?ALLSTEPS I can't imagine a cheddar with a mild bacon taste. I might die.
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    Hive Mind Mead Blog Thread

    Hello everyone, I've been running the Hive Mind Mead Blog for a few years now. This thread is to post updates as they happen for anyone not following on twitter. The blog can be found here: http://hivemindmead.blogspot.com/ I also have a very short survey on the blog. Hopefully it will...
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    A quick 6 question survey about my homebrew blog

    Hey everyone! As some of you may know, I write the Hive Mind Mead blog linked in my signature. I'd like to let everyone take this wicked quick survey jut to help me: A: Distribute content better B: Get feedback on what the community wants to see It's a huge help, thanks so much again...
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    New Section on HiveMindMead: This Month in Brewing

    Hey Everyone, I hope everyone has read my blog "hivemindmead" at least once, but I won't bite if you haven't! I'm writing this post to promote a new monthly page I'm writing on the blog called "This month in Brewing" You can read it here...
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    10 Day primary for wheat beer?

    Hello HBT. I'm Looking to make an American wheat beer with some real hop character. I'm looking to dry hop for 7 days. Is a 10 Day primary too short for a wheat? I was going to start the dry hop after the vigorous end of fermentation had completed around the 3 day mark, making a 10 day primary.
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    Sour Funky Cider

    Started a sour cider w/ brett and bugs a few days ago. Ingredients: Units for 1 gallon 1 Gallon Musselman's Apple Cider .5 lb - Maltodextrin (for long term bug food) Yeast: 1/2 Vial ECY 20 - Bug County Starting Gravity: 1.062 We'll see where this goes!
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    How Many Gallons of Mead 2015 Edition!

    Another Year, Another Thread. So let's see how many gallons we've made combined this year. Just add your totals in to the last person to post. I'll go first obviously. We will go by Brew date and not bottled date, so as long as yeast is pitched between Jan1 and Dec 31, 2015; it counts In...
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    Wheat Malt, Will it convert with 1 step mash?

    Hey guys! Will this be fermentable after standard single infusion mash at 155-160? http://morebeer.com/products/great-western-white-wheat-malt.html P.S. It will be for a sour beer w/ brett and bugs
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    100% Wheat for BIAB Sour? No Boil?

    Is it possible to use 100% Red Wheat Malt as base malt for a beer that's going to be pitched with ECY 20 Bug County This is the Recipe I'm thinking of for 3 Gallons ----------------- 5Lbs Red Wheat Malt 1Lb C120 ----------------- NO HOPs ----------------- ECY20 Bug County I was also thinking...
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    HomeBrew Talk - DYNASTY- Fantasy Football - Sign up now

    12 Teams will be allowed to enter a For Fun Dynasty football league- This is a league where you keep 15 of 22 players you drafted from the previous season. New acquisitions can be made through trades or waiver pick-ups (200 fake money budget to pickup however you wish), or the 7 player draft at...
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    Stepping Up Orval W/ Maltodextrin

    Hello, So I'm Looking to step up some Orval Dregs for another Brett Mead. Can I use Maltodextrin in place of DME so the sacc strain can't grow, and just the brett multiplies?
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    100% Brett C Mead

    This is a bochet brewed for the first round of my Bochet Solera Project. I Caramelized my honey and pitched a full vial of White Labs Brett C to 1 gallon of must. Brett C Bochet Ingredients Units for 1 gallon: ~2 pounds of Honey (I used Snowberry) Yeast : White Labs Brettanomyces...
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    Yeast Aeration - Air or Oxygen

    Hello folks. I had a though and I was wondering if you could help me out. So when aerating wort/ must. You are dissolving the oxygen into solution. I've read that yeast also need nitrogen. Now I know that a good chunk of the air we breathe is nitrogen. Is this dissolved into solution as well...