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  1. thisissami

    A few questions on how using different sugar sources affects the final alcohol content

    Hi All, Everything I've seen around calculating the alcohol content that you end up with at the end of a ferment revolves around the Original and Final specific gravities that you measure. However, it seems odd to me that this is all that would be involved in that. For example, I imagine that a...
  2. thisissami

    Priming Bottles w/ Cane Sugar Question

    Hi All, I'm bottling a new batch today. I have 1L bottles that I'll be bottling everything into, and am planning on priming each of them with 1 tsp of cane sugar. My question is: if I just get a teaspoon of cane sugar into each of them without any attempts to dissolve them.... will they...
  3. thisissami

    K-Meta at Bottling Questions

    Hi Everybody, I understand that adding Potassium Metabisulfite at bottling will help with anti-oxidation and preserving your wine longer. I have some questions related to this: 1) It seems counter-intuitive to add K-Meta to my carboy then bottle immediately. Wouldn't that cause a build-up of...
  4. thisissami

    What happens if you aerate mead towards the end of primary fermentation?

    I've read on multiple occasions that it's bad for the mead. What is it that actually happens? Some people have mentioned that your mead can oxidize - what does this mean? I only know of the term "oxidize" from rusting w/ iron - is there a comparable process taking place here? I ask, in part...
  5. thisissami

    Has anybody ever made "mead" with raw cane sugar?

    I'm thinking about giving it a try. Replacing the honey with raw cane sugar. I really like the taste of that stuff when dissolved in water, and I bet it'd make a really yummy fermented drink!! Is there any reason that I'm oblivious to that I shouldn't even bother trying this? I added a raw...
  6. thisissami

    Ruh-roh... growth on my blackberries =/ Best steps to move forward?

    Hi All - looks like I've made a serious mistake by not stirring the blackberries after I closed the lid on the primary fermentor (I had a towel for the first 5-6 days and was stirring the blackberries 1-2 times a day in that period). It's been 2 days since I last stirred, and I just opened the...
  7. thisissami

    What's the purpose of secondary fermentation with dry cider?

    To give you some context: I've just made my first ever batch of cider. I made a little over 3 gallons (that's how much juice the 80 apples I bought produced). It went through the primary fermentation, and all that super sweet apple juice has turned into very dry cider. I used champagne yeast...
  8. thisissami

    Blackberry Sanitization Question

    Hi Everybody, I'm about to get started on my very first batch of Blackberry Melomel. I had a question related to ensuring that the blackberries I add to the mead won't ruin the batch. I picked these berries myself over the summer. I collected several KG of them... ate a bunch in the summer...
  9. thisissami

    Is there any chance that fruit bits left in cider will spoil?

    I'm making my first batch of cider now, and I left a whole bunch of apple peels in my primary as I've heard that this really helps give the cider a great flavor. One thing that just crossed my mind: do I need to worry about said fruit bits at all, or is it safe to assume it'll last as long as...
  10. thisissami

    Alternate signs for cider fermentation?

    Other than bubbles in the air lock & changes in the SG - are there any signs for fermentation? Specifically - I had a thick layer of foam (maybe 1-2 inches) at the top of my cider when I opened my bucket to take a look today. Could that be linked to fermentation? I've effectively restarted my...
  11. thisissami

    Leaving container covered with solely a towel for first bit of cider fermentation?

    Hi All - I read an article recently where the author said that he likes to cover his cider bucket with a towel for the first couple days of fermentation, as letting air get in helps the yeast strengthen in the beginning of the process. After this, he switches to the standard airlock system as...
  12. thisissami

    Low temperatures for champagne yeast in cider

    Hi All, I'm working on my first cider batch right now. It's been close to 48 hours and there's still no bubbling in my airlock. I'm sure it's temperature related, and have some questions about that. Here's what I've done: I pressed my own apples (have about 2.5 gallons of juice that I...
  13. thisissami

    Whooops... sanitization + cider question

    Hi Everybody! I'm fermenting my first batch of cider right now, and ****ed up my sanitization in a number of ways. The primary way in which I screwed up was that I felt weird about pouring my fresh apple juice (that I juiced myself!) into containers full of sanitary foam, and accordingly...