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    Nottingham flocculation

    I made a batch of ~1.084 cider using 5 gallons of juice, 4 lbs light brn sugar, 1 lb honey. I've never used anything other than wine yeast, but this time I wanted to see if there was any difference in flavors than in my other ciders. Usually D47 is my choice of anything white, mead and cider...
  2. K

    New hydrometer innaccurate by 0.010!

    I finally broke my first hydrometer a few days ago, so I picked up two new hydrometers at the LHBS. I was calibrating them today in tap water, at about 78F, and after adjusting for the temperature, one of the hydrometers is off a full 0.010! That's a lot of erm, error. The actual reading was...
  3. K

    sparkling cider

    Hey guys, When I bottled my last cider, I wanted it to be dry and sweet. It finished out at about 1.000 using D47. It was extremely clear (at least to me), and had finished according to my hydrometer (a span of two weeks with no drop). I opened a bottle a few days ago to check on it, and I...
  4. K

    First label

    Hey guys, I'm about to bottle a mead soon, and I was trying to mess around with gimp to create a label. I went with a 4" x 3.33" label so that I could use the Avery 8164 shipping label (self adhesive). If anyone is good with gimp, I could use a few pointers! Here is the png, as well as the...
  5. K

    WTB: Bordeaux/Burgundy wine bottles

    Hey guys, I know it's mostly beer here, but if anyone has extra bordeaux or burgundy style wine bottles laying around for cheap (that they would be willing to ship) I'll take them off your hands. They don't need to be cleaned or delabed, I'll do that part. They don't have to be any certain...
  6. K

    reducing apple juice instead of adding sugar?

    Hey guys, While making the Apfelwein last week, I had wondered if instead of adding two lbs of Brown sugar to raise the SG, I could have bought more juice, and reduced by boiling? Has anyone tried this? Would it have too much tartness?