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    Cleaning Copper HERMS Coil

    Recently bought a HERMS e-brewery set up and had some questions about cleaning the HERMS coil. The coil is copper, and I am trying to get a solid answer on the best way to clean the inside of the coil. I have read vinegar, PBW, acid, etc. My main goal is to make sure no verdigris accumulates...
  2. K

    Food safe plastic barrels for fermentation vessels

    Hello, I am looking at getting some more fermentation vessels for my setup so that I can have multiple beers fermenting or aging at once. I am currently in college with 3 roommates + whoever comes around on the weekends so we go through 10 gallons pretty quickly at our place. A local...
  3. K

    Force Carbing 11 Gallons

    So I brewed my first AG a little over a week ago and I am getting ready to keg it and carb it very soon (also first time kegging). I did BM's centennial blonde for my first because of all the recommendations on this site. However, I had a question regarding the force carbonation. I want to be...