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  1. oneawesomeguy

    Adding Extract at the End of the Boil?

    I have been hearing on here that I should add malt extract at the end of the boil (at around 15 min to sterilize). I am confused by this as most videos and information I have read have always said to add the malt extract right at the beginning of the boil (right after steeping any specialty...
  2. oneawesomeguy

    Cheap and Good Beer Recipes

    Share your recipes for really cheap beer you have made that came out pretty good. Include ingredients and process, approx. cost, and your rating (out of 50).
  3. oneawesomeguy


    So what do you guys think about plastic in brewing? I have always been a bit reluctant to using plastics in cooking and storing food (I use only glass, cast iron, and stainless steal). Does anybody know of any ill-effects using plastic may have on one's health? I remember back in high school my...
  4. oneawesomeguy

    How Long Does It Stay Fresh?

    Hey HBT! I have been thinking of buying ingredients in bulk so I can make beer whenever I want instead of needing to go to the LHBS or waiting a week to get my order from AHS. Cost is another benefit as buying in bulk tends to be a lot cheaper. I am curious to know what is the typical amount...
  5. oneawesomeguy

    Using Bottling Bucket to Ferment and Fermenting Bucket to Bottle?

    I just watched the Alton Brown home brewing episode (see: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f39/alton-brown-homebrew-you-tube-46677/). He does so many things wrong, but one thing I thought was interesting was his choice (maybe not intentionally) to use the bottling bucket to ferment the beer. After...