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    Picobrew Z2

    I have a Picobrew Z2 that I purchased about six months ago. I bought it so that I would have an option to brew indoors. But I have since really slow down on brewing beer lately and barely use it. It works excellent and have had no issues. Also very surprisingly customer support for these things...
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    Pico Z2 $3,000

    I’ve used this twice, it is a great machine, I am just realizing I more comfortable brewing my old way. Absolutely nothing wrong with the machine and comes with all accessories including two kegs. Will brew up to 5 gallons at a time. I got a deep discount on this for being an early bird order...
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    Imperial Stout Russian Imperial Stout (2011 HBT Competition Category Winner)

    Made this as my first stout 3 years ago with great success. I currently am using this recipe again as the base to a loose world wide stout clone. 8% and counting, 10 to go!
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Imperial Pumpkin Pie Ale

    Just kegged mine. Added the vanilla and spice. I added 1lb of brown sugar at flameout and came out real nice at 9.42%. I think the spice is a bit too much right now though, personal preference. But the wife loved it!
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Imperial Pumpkin Pie Ale

    Mine is done fermenting. Came in at 1.010. 9.42% Doesnt taste all that great right now. I added 3 cups of pumpkin to the boil. Not sure if that had something to do with it. Def pumpkin in there but there is an apple taste as well which I know is a sign of a higher fermentation temp, but it...
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    Belgian Dark Strong Ale The Pious - Westvleteren 12 style quad - multiple

    I brewed this using the somewhat new strain wlp 545. It went from 1.090 to 1.007. This yeast is a monster. Hope it's not too dry! 10.71%!
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    Autumn Seasonal Beer Imperial Pumpkin Pie Ale

    Made this two days ago. Used sf 05. I like a cleaner profile, and added 3 cups puréed pie pumpkin to the boil. Also added 1lb brown sugar at flameout. Effenciey was a bit low, got 1.083 but its happily fermenting away at around 65.
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    My DFH 120 clone Experience!

    I kept a bucket and spoon in a bucket of starsan. When it was feeding time I added the sugar to the bucket then used a big syringe to take out some wort to mix with the sugar then dumped all of it in . Really not hard and you can get away with a lot when alochol is already up there.
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    My DFH 120 clone Experience!

    Well it has been almost a year now since the brew day, and this beer is now very drinkable and almost completely clear! I still have about 3/4 case left and is just getting better by the day. My next venture is the World Wide Stout! Ill start a new thread on this soon.
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    Imperial Stout Double-W Imperial Stout

    Wow, great to know someone else tried it! I have made the 120 before with great results. I had a sg of 1.176 and a fg of 1.016. I can attest to that beer eating through some dextrose. Anyway Ill probably do exactly as I did with that beer. I cant see why it would be slower, but who knows...
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    Imperial Stout Double-W Imperial Stout

    So I was thinking of taking this recipe and using it as a base for a DogFish Head World Wide Stout. My plan is to only up the bittering hops a bit. I would use the 05 for the yeast until it starts to slow and then start a few dextrose additions to get the abv up to around 18-20% using a big...
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    Munich Helles BierMunchers “Helles Belles” (Munich Helles, AG)

    Just kegged and tapped this. Waited overnight to let the beer settle, but its still pretty cloudy. Can see particles floating around in there. It tastes great though. Has somewhat of a lemony flavor. Is this from the hopps? I fermented for 2 weeks and then lagered for a week or so.
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    American Wheat Beer Litehaus Wheat (Boulevard Wheat Clone)

    Just tested a sample of this. Came in at 1.008 from 1.043 , 4.39%. Tasted great. Made this last weekend, how early can I transfer this to the keg and carb? Tastes like it could be tapped now.
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    Irish Stout Ó Flannagáin Standard

    This will be my next brew! Was looking for a mild mannered stout, this looks like the ticket.
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    Munich Helles BierMunchers “Helles Belles” (Munich Helles, AG)

    Just brewed this today. Added double the carapils by accident. Collected 8.5 gallons of wort and boiled for 90mins, ended up with 5 gallons at 1.049. So I added the half gallon back in water and ended up at 1.043. Pretty close! Mash was right on 154 for 90.
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    Blonde Ale Centennial Blonde (Simple 4% All Grain, 5 & 10 Gall)

    Ok so Im brewing this again. But the brew supply shop only had "Centennial type" hops this time. I have a third of an ounce of the real deal left from last time and was thinking of using those as the late addition and using the Centennial type hops for the bittering addition. Anyone brew this...
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    Southern Tier Mokah Clone

    So, brewed it last week. used 20lbs marris for a 6 gallon batch and ended up with a fg of 1.124. I missed my mash temp ba a lot. it was as 150 for most of the time. Therefore I think it may be a bit more potent than I wanted, but Im hoping that it pitters out at 1.030 or so. Will still be...
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    Southern Tier Mokah Clone

    Ill be making this next week! Im doing a 6gallon batch so I doubled your recipe, and added 25% more cocoa and will be mashing higher, arould 158. Ill keep yall posted.
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    Belgian Tripel Belgian Trippel (2006 World Beer Cup Gold Medal: Dragonmead Final Absolution clone)

    Ok, so I brewed this tonight. Clearly I havent brewed extract in a while so I forgot that adding all the fermentables raises the volume of the boil. Therefore what was supposed to be 6gallons turned out to be about 7.5! Now I used 2 lbs sugar and one extra lb of dme so about 14 total lbs of...
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    Monticello Barleywine

    Nice! I just got done with the brew a few hours ago. My changes were in part due to the fact that I didnt have all the same stuff on hand. I upped the sugar to 2lbs, used 23 lbs of base malt and boiled for 90mins. I also did a single decoction mash just cause I had the time. Ended up at...