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  1. Rhoobarb

    Not Really, Just Time to Get Going on a Summer 2013 Cream Ale!

    Looks pretty good to me. I've done a CA with 19% flaked corn and it was a big hit with all who drank it. Served it at our wedding shower and it went quickly.
  2. Rhoobarb

    Classic American Pilsner Recipe....feedback!!

    I wouldn't waste good Styrians on a CAP. Stick with high alpha American hops in low doses. Simcoe is a good choice. They were originally developed for A/B so they could get AA's for less $$'s. Turns out Simcoe became a homebrew favorite. I think the honey malt will be interesting.
  3. Rhoobarb

    Using Coa Coa nibbs in the secondary

    No need to sanitize in secondary; it's a waste of time and resources. There is enough alcohol in the beer to deal with any nasties. Just toss the nibs right in there. I do it every time I brew this or the version w/out coffee.
  4. Rhoobarb

    Train Whistle Ribbon Cane Porter

    Wow, this one was a looong time ago. It was okay, but had a bit if a twang flavor, from the Ribbon Cane. I brewed it twice and had the same flavor. Pure maple syrup would probably be better.
  5. Rhoobarb

    Can you Brew It recipe for Avery Maharaja

    Keep in mind theirs is very likely a lab tested example brewed on a large system at probably higher efficiency. Anything you get in BeerSmith, Promash, etc., will vary.
  6. Rhoobarb

    Jamocha shake beer

    Maybe a milk stout with a vanilla bean and cocao nibs in secondary, then a shot of coffee or espresso? Let it sit, sample until you're satisfied, then bottle or keg. Maybe this: https://www.homebrewtalk.com/f68/chocolate-coffee-stout-chocolate-jitterz-35562/
  7. Rhoobarb

    Beer smith

    Take a look at their video tutorials: http://www.beersmith.com/blog/2009/12/28/beersmith-software-video-tutorials/
  8. Rhoobarb

    Can you Brew It recipe for Lagunitas Maximus

    I'm guessing it is b/c they are using different (much bigger) equipment under more pressure.
  9. Rhoobarb

    Mashing Chocolate (The food, not the malt)

    Cacao nibs in secondary FTW. 6-8oz. in a five gal. batch. See here.
  10. Rhoobarb

    Styrian Goldings vs Fuggles

    I've used Willamette as a dry hop sub in this recipe and I thought they were thisclose in aroma.
  11. Rhoobarb

    Rauchbier? Or not...

    Rauchmalt needs to be mashed. You won't get the effect you want just by steeping. Partial Mash info here. It's pretty simple and will help you get the flavor you want. Otherwise, the proportions look good.
  12. Rhoobarb

    Golden Promise?

    I find the price to be about the same as MO. I prefer GP and use it for most beers. Timothy Taylor Landlord uses 100% GP and Flossmoor Station's Pullman Brown uses a 50/50 mix with domestic 2-row.
  13. Rhoobarb

    Surly Furious clone

    I will, with some pics. I think our group was talking about taking it out of the barrel in mid-January, but that might change. I'll dry hop it for 2-3 weeks, remove the hops, then let it lager for another month before serving. If the January date holds, it'll be March, 2011 before I report...
  14. Rhoobarb

    Can You Brew It recipe for Flossmoor Station Pullman Brown

    Wonderful, full bodied, a bit chocolaty and a bit roasty, but not overpowering in either departments. It's considered a brown porter. Matt said in the interview that the use a mix of Golden Promise and domestic 2-row.
  15. Rhoobarb

    Anyone brewed a good Alt lately?

    I brewed a 5gal. batch of Alt with a recipe that, it turns out, is pretty similar to Kai's and it turned very good. I'm thinking his is pretty "authentic". I'm down to ~2 gals of mine and am seriously thinking of brewing a 10 gal. batch in a couple of weeks. 94% Munich Malt 5% CaraMunich II...
  16. Rhoobarb

    Surly Furious clone

    Golden Promise is my favorite base malt and will work well for this. A group of us locals brewed enough of the BYO Surly clone to fill a 55 gal. bourbon barrel. We filled it about a month ago and will let it go for a few months. We'll individually dry hop after we draw our portions. Northern...
  17. Rhoobarb

    Can You Brew It recipe for Flossmoor Station Pullman Brown

    EDIT: Just listened to this again over the weekend and Jamil says he DID use WY1318.
  18. Rhoobarb

    Can you Brew It recipe for Terrapin Rye Pale Ale

    So... where's the update on this, Bheher?:D
  19. Rhoobarb

    Request: Catamount Porter Clone Recipe?

    I used to buy Catamount beer quite often until it went away around the turn of the century.:( The recipe posted looks to me to need some Black Patent malt to give it that roasty flavor I remember Catamount (and many robust porters for that matter) having. ~3% is sufficient. Galena and Nugget...
  20. Rhoobarb

    Tinseth vs Rager

    Rager, b/c the majority of recipes listed in magazines, etc. use that. I had Tenseth as my BeerSmith default, then changed it. Seemed to give me more consistency. It's easy enough to switch back & forth if you find one recipe uses a different formula. And that's all it is is a formula. One...