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  1. ClaudiusB

    Glycol question

    Insulate your garage doors , put a cooler on the roof for the garage, problem solved.
  2. ClaudiusB

    Tri Clamp Clamps That Aren't Tri Clamp Clamps?

    https://www.tblplastics.com/fittings/sanitary/ https://www.masterflex.com/c/sanitary-fittings-and-clamps
  3. ClaudiusB

    What ph meter are you using

    I have been using for a few years now a Hach Sension+ PH31 with integrated magnetic stirrer, data storage, 1 to 3 points calibration and calibration intervals/alerts. I still have my first pH analog meter I got in 1995.
  4. ClaudiusB

    Five Star Acid Cleaner #6

    Through my employer's company
  5. ClaudiusB

    How do you filter your beer?

    You are full of it. I filter all my beers and have no process problem.
  6. ClaudiusB

    Triclamp pump head

    Pumps not exceeding 1.5 HP you will find with 1.5" discharge, at least mine are like that. Check with Alpha Lavel or other sanitary pump manufactures for replacement heads if the motor is not required.
  7. ClaudiusB

    Mark 2 Keg Washer

    Make a new longer collar out of 3"or 4" PVC pipe. Cheers, ClaudiusB
  8. ClaudiusB

    Controlling or moving Star San foam

    As RiverCityBrewer mentioned SaniClean is what you could try, works great with all my pumps.
  9. ClaudiusB

    DIY Recirculating Beer Line Cleaner

    I clean two taps at the same time and got a $16.00 12V DC pump from ebay. The pump could do three taps with a lower flow. The tap hookups (beer fittings) are internal on all my fridges.
  10. ClaudiusB

    Cleaning and rinsing kegs with a pump style washer

    The other day I put 11 kegs in the semi automatic washer, only loading and unloading is required. The outside I rinse for 1 minute and the inside 3 minutes. My set-up does two water cycles. Before the soap cycle the keg gets washed with water on both sides to get rid of all crap and after...
  11. ClaudiusB

    Harbor Freight pump for HERMS?

    I us the same pump, burb submersible version for my tap cleaner, great lttle pump.
  12. ClaudiusB

    Harbor Freight pump for HERMS?

    Click on keg washer in my signature, very boring.
  13. ClaudiusB

    Harbor Freight pump for HERMS?

    I use two of those pumps for my automated corny keg washer not for wort and never had any problems. The pump is a vane positive displacement type, requires a good 12 V DC, 10 A power supply and is not designed for continuous operation. The pump has great suction and doesn't require to be...
  14. ClaudiusB

    Storing long items and hoses?

    Not attractive but works great for me, space is a requirement.
  15. ClaudiusB

    Non-refrigerant 6 can fridge for Ferm Chamber?

    No coil on the back Top and both sides I have a modified one
  16. ClaudiusB

    Cooling conical from inside or outside.

    All my stainless conicals have internal cooling coils, cleaning and sanitizing has never been a problem. Never lost a batch in 14 years. Before I put the coils inside the conicals fermentation was done in a cool room, was a pain in the rear. Cheers, ClaudiusB
  17. ClaudiusB

    Oxygen, flowrate question

    I use a flow meter made by Dwyer http://s238.photobucket.com/user/ClaudiusB/media/Oxygen/OxygenTopView.jpg.html?sort=6&o=7 http://s238.photobucket.com/user/ClaudiusB/media/Oxygen/OXY_Flow1.jpg.html?sort=6&o=9
  18. ClaudiusB

    plate heat exchanger brand for industry

    http://www.alfalaval.com/solution-finder/products/pages/default.aspx?type=ProductCategory&firstItemID=11393475-0471-460d-9937-4b70c7f22830 http://en.smartheatgroup.com/products/AllSeriesHeatExchanger/20121109/59.html
  19. ClaudiusB

    Alternative to silicone tubing

    1" Silicone hoses and my pumps don't work together were well, I switched to the Norprene brand for most of my hoses. Silicon pressure or sanitary rated hoses are very costly. US Plastic is one of many Noreprene brand vendors...
  20. ClaudiusB

    Chugger Pumps New Model

    These small pumps only produces 6-8 psi at 0 flow. Your set-up may not permit a flow you like to see.ł Install a pressure gauge at the output and monitor the pressure than look at the pump curve and you should be able to get a good idea what flow you will get. The closer you get to the...