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  1. Seedly

    Feel dumb but forgot what recpie i bought this for

    Sure looks like an IPA to me. Maybe an IIPA depending on your efficiency (anything over 70% would be strong enough to be an IIPA)
  2. Seedly

    Iron Brewer Challenge!

    Thanks for all the advice guys. I suppose I will take the advice above and spread it across several batches. sadly I don't really have the ability to lager, so that makes doing most german styles harder
  3. Seedly

    Iron Brewer Challenge!

    I recently had a little error with an online homebrew shop and need a little help figuring out what to do with the results. I ordered 10# of Belgian Pilsner and 2# of Munich for a Belgian Golden. I actually ended up with 12# of Munich. Customer Service was nice and replaced my Pilsner along...
  4. Seedly

    Looking for a Stone's Russian Imperial stout

    Gotta love the Ruination partial-mash recepie that calls for 22oz of Centennial whole hops for dry-hopping! :eek: Yes, I know its a typo and supposed to be 2oz. Still made me laugh